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The ONLY beginner’s book out there that makes it easy for you to 

 start writing like a pro, get a buttload of subscribers, ignite your list and make money!

Hey you,

Do you feel like blogging is a huge uphill task?

You want to start a business online, but know idea how to start. You’ve read that “content is king”, but how do you create good content? You’ve written your “list” articles, but why isn’t anyone visiting your blog?

Is blogging really that hard?

Because of that, you don’t really have the courage and confidence to start writing. All your ideas are just stuck in your head. And no one can hear about them.

Do you have a blog which… well isn’t really great? You aren’t making money. You’ve very few subscribers and people are just not opting in. Your comments section are bare and it feels like a ghost town.

They say, “Content is king”, so you write your heart out! But every time you click, “Publish”, you feel a half-hearted sense of accomplishment as you don’t even know if your article is good enough or not. As a result… not many people read your blog. Traffic is just bad… seriously bad.

I know. Blogging is such a huge and complicated subject. It doesn’t help that when you Google for answers, you’re just left with more questions.

It’s also both aggravating and overwhelming when many other bloggers and “experts” tell you different things. They absolutely SWEAR by their methods, and being new, you’re just unsure of who to listen to!

Sounds familiar? You feel me on this?

 I totally know how it feels. I’ve been through and done all of that. I’ve been rejected and beaten down more times than I can remember.

A little about me and my blogging journey…

Alden Tan zen blogging

Hi, I’m Alden Tan.

I’ve been writing on my own blog since 2011.

It’s been a crazy journey filled with ups and downs… well mostly downs.

I got criticised for my writing a lot. I got my own articles rejected by other bloggers. I tried to learn everything on my own online. I read up blogs. I emailed bloggers (to the point of annoying them and getting ignored). I signed up for courses too.

It was insanely tiring for me just to get to where I am today. I’ve learnt a lot. I discovered the nuances and “secrets” to writing.

The truth is: Writing and blogging aren’t that hard. You just need a little tweak and nudge in the right direction. You just need a little mindset shift to boost your confidence to the level of not being held back by self-sabotage (“My English sucks”).

You just need to be taught the right stuff and not cliché garbage like, “Content is king”.

So what have I achieved?

I’ve written nearly 200 articles on my blog, all of which get shared and Tweeted regularly. Tons of comments, up to over 100. I’ve cultivated an audience of over 10,000 subscribers, many of whom email me every day cause well, they just want to talk to me after reading my stuff.

I’ve also written and published over 50 guest posts including at the following popular blogs:











And I’ve compiled all of that in Zen Blogging: The little book of writing mastery.

It’s to help you. That’s right. My mistakes. My screw-ups. Your gain.

This is what you stand to gain:

red-tick Confidently write a decent (or even epic) article in less than an hour. It’s very possible!

red-tick Gain more subscribers and build your list.

red-tick Get your own articles shared on Facebook and retweeted A LOT.

red-tick More traffic.

red-tick Get lots of comments in each of your articles and start engaging your readers.

red-tick Get your own articles published across the blogosphere, including popular ones. Heck, get it published on your favourite blogger’s blog! It’s not that hard.

red-tick Start beaming with pride with your own ideas and writing. Never be afraid of haters or negative comments again.

red-tick Kickstart your blogging career altogether!


What Zen Blogging: The little book of writing mastery features














. How to fine tune your niche and topic       . The exclusive Inspiring Post formula    . Email template on pitching guest posts

. How to optimize your guest posts and get more shares, tweets and comments      .  A guide on writing and expressing yourself confidently

. The 7 common newbie mistakes and how to avoid them (you stand out immediately)    . The why and how to avoid haters and negative comments

And many more! 

This is the part I tell you that Zen Blogging requires hard work and effort. This is where I tell you that this book is NOT a magic pill or some “instant solution” system. 

This has zero fluff and no bullshit is allowed inside my book.

Still with me? Good.

Now the thing is, I’m personally tired of reading sales pages which has that little “caveat” that emphasizes on hard work and effort and that the product isn’t a magic pill/overnight cure/instant profit whatever.

It almost feels like that they’re put up there just so you’d feel the product is the real deal or to make you feel like the owner is not some bullshit “guru” scammer so you’d be ready to take out your credit card and start spending.

Well I’m certainly no scammer. This is all real and I too, emphasize on hard work and taking action.

But I’m not that cruel. I didn’t write this book just so that you can read, feel enlightened and then be left hanging without a clue on what to do next.

Which is why in Zen Blogging, I’ve included Realistic Guides on Blogging and Guest Posting.

It’s not too heavy. Not too light. Just the right amount to start your blogging career! You WILL know what do next.

What others are saying about the book!


“Alden first grabbed my attention with his writing, his “No Bullshit” style that most can relate to! There is enough “foo-foo” feel good crap out there to puff you up but never actually get you any results.  If you want someone who will cut through the crap and deliver valuable, actionable material in a unique way that only Alden can… THEN PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THIS MAN SAYS!”- James “Coach Comeback” Holland,






“Wow, finally someone who lays it down and tells it like it is,Loving the simple, step-by-step directions for writing epic blog posts and how to get it out in to the world so it’s seen by thousands and thousands of people. A must read for anyone who’s looking to build a following quickly and write blog posts that matters.”- Brian B,





“Alden’s advice on writing helped me connect with my audience on a more authentic level. His methodology for creating blog posts taught a lot more about how the blogging game works, and more specifically, how I can improve my writing to impact people’s lives.”- Max Nachamkin,




My personal bonus and guarantee

This is what I’m adding on top of everything:

Get the book, read it, and start writing. Send your first article to me and I’ll personally edit it for you. It will be an intensive look through by me and I’ll provide comments on how you can become a better writer.

And on top of all of that, if you don’t feel safe buying this book, I’ll give you a refund within a month if you aren’t satisfied for whatever reason. No questions asked.

Start writing today. It’s going to help you grow as a person too.


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