You’re weird and that’s actually cool

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 Who is this weirdo looking so cool on the bridge and wearing that stupid Power Balance?

From time to time I think about how I’m so different from the people I hang out with.

It’s not so much so I think I’m different. It’s more so an issue of how I need to constantly think about the contrast between me, my friends and even my family.

Some would notice the difference, the contrast and they don’t say it out loud, but they think I’m weird. They do it in a subtle manner, through minor teasing or questioning.

And that’s okay.

Since young I’ve felt this way. In high school I wondered why the way my friends acted was so cliche and immature, like why did they play the games they play.

I also hated sports. I hated how the competitiveness turned everyone into violent idiots who got pissed off because somebody hogged the ball.

Fast forward to today, I hate it when somebody doesn’t get the joke I crack, proceeds to say it’s not funny or even take offence.

But of course, it’s all simply a matter of perspective. Who am I to hate sports? Who am I to say a joke is funny while others disagree?

The thing is, we need to stop right here

When we talk about perspective, freedom of speech, opinion and stuff, we’re indirectly giving others excuses, conforming and meeting others’ expectations.

Maybe we do it out of fear or simply wanting to be in a comfort zone, but nobody ever talks about the flip side, which is fully embracing your being different, your weirdness and innate awesomeness.



Being called weird is vulgar; taboo. When we hear it, we get scared, insulted, offended and most of all, have fear instilled in us bit by bit.

Or so that’s what everyone choose to believe.

It’s time we simply flip it inside out and realize how easy and even fun it can be to be weird.

And I’m not talking about being safe. I’m talking about going all out with your weirdness. It’s embracing who you really are, not surviving on safety nets like age, “Oh I’m a lot older, so it’s expected that they don’t understand how I am.”

That’s too safe. That’s boring. That’s still conforming.

You aren’t really so god damn special

Everybody is weird. It’s just that some of us dare to be open about it.

If you think about it, you being weird is a matter of showing the courage others lack. You’re more vocal. You’re more keen to learn by asking the questions without any fear of looking stupid. You don’t care about what others think.

That is how you start to realize being weird means being special in your own right.

But along the way, take solace in the fact that everybody is weird. You just don’t see it. You don’t see the secret fetishes an upright citizen indulge upon at night. You don’t hear the tall black dude listening to his teenage pop music. You don’t read about how that successful entrepreneur prays to multiple gods just to make money.

Remember your memories

Nobody has to tell me, but I know I’m way more uptight as compared to my friends. I like things organized and believe that everyone, especially guys need to adhere to some form of values and principles. If I don’t see it, I get annoyed. I’m willing to voice it out at times too.

For example, I cannot and will not respect any dude who can’t clear his own his tray at a fast food joint. That’s weak.

Uptight, weird or whatever, to me, it’s simply going back to remember where I come from.

I’m pretty much like that because my dad died and the wake of my grandfather served as a heavy reminder of that.

I take it with me everywhere, as should you. And sadly, even with heavy events like this inside of me, the world will not fully empathize. Not even your friends or family.

But they’re simply little noises that need to be drowned out.

If you’re weird. Good. That means you remember. Never forget then. Honor whatever memories you have that have made an impact on you. If you don’t, you’re being forgetful. You can evolve and mature however you like, but you always need to go back from time to time. The roots and memories are there for a reason. They’re more powerful than genes (which frankly, I think is just a convenient excuse for your own shortcomings.)

Here’s a little twist though: You don’t really have to be open about your memories. As said, not everyone else will understand anyway, and that’s okay. That’s their problem, not yours. The only thing you have to do is keep remembering.

It’s not your job to broadcast it to the world.

But if you always remember and live the weird way you’re meant to, you’ll create a story that others will automatically want to learn of. That’s how you become inspiring.

Isolate your weirdness or find better friends

And there were two, two ways to deal with you being weird.

One, you isolate yourself. You don’t need to deal with other people who can’t agree with your weirdness, what with their snide remarks and all.

This isn’t simply about holing up in that whole “introvert” school of thought. It’s about realizing only you and you alone can deal with your weirdness. Only you can can understand it.

This is when you should hug it, mold it and don’t ever let go. Listen to yourself in isolation. You can’t lie to yourself, because deep down you know the truth. You know you love your weirdness.

There isn’t anything WRONG with you.

The outsiders are only making you think so.

So that’s why, when enough is enough, you have to find better friends, a better group to hang with. You need to find people who who love you enough to want to understand you and not make stupid ass comments.

A wholly weird group would willingly accept and respect each other just because.

Anything less, are plain selfish assholes who only care for themselves.

Now that is, another kind of weird. For how hard is it to really be a nice person and simply not be a dick?

It’s weird how some people don’t get it.

Not that you should give a shit.

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  1. Bad-Clown - December 12, 2014 10:08 pm

    Ok, I get it; the heck with you if you doesn’t…

  2. Kali - March 26, 2016 2:08 am

    Loved this article..reminds a lot of how I see and feel in this world.


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