Real Talk 4: Your thoughts are your reality

your thoughts are your reality

This isn’t some new-age, cheesy, hippy piece on how the shit that goes on in your head will magically appear, or “manifest” as they like to put it in your life.

This is a practical and realistic guide on how the shit in your head becomes your reality based on your perception in life.

Perception is fucking everything. Check it!

If you choose to think about your ex, then your entire day will be filled with your ex. It doesn’t fucking matter if you’ve moved on or that you guys broke up eons ago. It doesn’t even fucking matter if you’re with someone new now. You choose to think about your ex, that’s all you’re gonna see. If you wanna spend your time thinking about him or her, then everything in life will be about him or her. You’ll be reminded of how that restaurant is where you guys used to eat together. You’ll be reminded of how she used to smell cause of that perfume. You’ll be reminded of how that car is what he used to drive you around in.

Speaking of car, why do you think when you wanna buy a new car or something, you suddenly start seeing that car practically everywhere you go? Google reticular activating system.

If you choose to think about angry shit, then you’ll be angry everyday. It doesn’t matter if you found the root cause of your anger or whatever. Think of angry shit. Be angry throughout your entire day then.Think of that asshole on the road who cut you off, you’re gonna be pissed throughout your day. Think of that ugly stranger who bumped into you. You’re gonna be pissed that the world is filled with such people. Think of that incident that happened years ago. You’ll be dwelling in the past and getting upset over how unfair life is. Think of angry shit, and there’d be no space of happy shit.

Google reticular activating system.

If you choose to think of the fucked up news you read about online or in the papers, then you’d feel fucked up all day. Think of the news all day and your perception of life would be based on the crazy headlines the media delivers to you. Think of the crazy shit that’s happening on another part of the world, then you’re not living at where you are today. You’d be living at that part of the world. Think of how innocent lives are always lost all day, then you’d lose hope. Think of how the world is a piece of shit, then your life is a piece of shit.

Google reticular activating system!!

If you choose to think about how broke you are, then no amount of money will ever satisfy you. Think of how you never seem to have enough, then you’ll be always be thinking in terms of lack. Money will rule you then.

Fucking google reticular activating system already!

If you think you’re ugly, then you’ll never be beautiful. Think about how your face has zits, scars or some shit, then you’ll always be thinking everyone is judging you. Think about how you feel fat, then your clothes will always be feel tight. Think about how that other person is better looking, then no amount of products, clothes or whatever will ever help you keep up.

If you choose to think that you’re never good enough, then you’re never good enough. Think about the worst consequences that could happen, then you’ll never know what you can achieve. Think about failure only, then you’ll only feel fear.

The bottom line is: Your thoughts are your reality.

This is not The Secret or some shit like that.

It’s only logic. It’s only common sense.

It may be a little easier said than done at first, but put in the effort to start thinking of better shit.

Why waste your time thinking about some asshole or failed relationship? Think of the cooler and more positive people you have in your life, those who actually give a shit about you.

Why cloud your mind with what that person said to you just now? Let it go. Drop it. Move on.

Why replay that embarrassing moment from the past? Laugh at it. Smile. Have fun and tell a story.

Why, oh whatever.

Perception is everything. It’s how you want to tweak that shit. That’s your only job in life.

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