Your thoughts are not you

You know how some people teach you stuff like, “Your thoughts are you” or “Your thoughts are things”?

It’s mostly got to do with the law of attraction, tapping into the universe and stuff.

And when you utilize those ideas properly, you can create your own surroundings and get the life you want.

That’s cool, but I’m going to be a little different here today.

Your thoughts are not you and they do not represent your life.

This is especially useful if you’re constantly stressed out, worried, angry, sad and shit.

Anyone who knows me well can tell I’m an angry guy. I tend to be very uptight sometimes and I can safely say it’s because of the thoughts in my head.

The angry thoughts in my head has seen me beating people up to exact revenge and also landing me in jail, because I’m such a great fighter. Many bones have been broken thanks to me.

The sad thoughts in my head has seen me being the unworthiest person on earth, where I do not deserve any kind of unhappiness due to all the wrong I’ve done.

And doused in creativity, sometimes I’m that angry Jedi who turned into a Sith because he just couldn’t take it anymore. Being good has no rewards and so he decided to fuck it, take out the lightsaber and start slicing shit up.

All of this, have been in my head.

It’s crazy.

So what’s this got to do with your thoughts being you?

I’m saying:

1) These are just thoughts.

2) They’re only in your head.

3) They do not exist in the real world.

4) So for whatever anger, sadness, anxiety and especially guilt that you may be feeling, just relax a little.

The angry person inside you doesn’t exist. You may be feeling pissed, but you’re not the horrible, violent drunk or whatever that finds trouble with people. So don’t blow things out of proportion.

The sad person ridden with guilt within does not make you the worst person in the world and neither does it make you a loser who can’t achieve anything. You need to forgive yourself and move on.

And most of all, your thoughts don’t grant you psychic powers. You need to live in the moment and stop having crazy expectations of things going wrong only.

You know something too? Since these are just PRIVATE thoughts living in your head only, remember that no one else can see them or truly know you for them.

That means you can always start with a clean slate, whenever you want. 

So relax, learn from your mistakes, grow and move on.

If you ask me, the only thing representing you are your actions, cause well, people can see them. Best you do it right in real, practical ways. Get my book. I teach you how.

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  1. anthonynlee - May 17, 2013 4:40 am

    I am usually 100% on board with what you are saying…but I don’t know that I fully agree with this one.

    While I support what you are saying about how these are just thoughts and noone else can see them (I particularly enjoy the part about being able to start with a clean slate whenever you want) I think you may be down playing the power these thoughts have.

    I am not talking about psychic abilities, or law of attraction B.S. I am talking about human psychology. The thoughts you CONSTANTLY entertain (not sometimes or just when your emotions are getting the best of you) will dictate a lot about your personality, decisions, and ACTIONS.

    You are totally right that who you are is based mostly on actions, but what you think will determine those actions one hundred percent of the time. You are merely addressing the surface, and attempting to disconnect thoughts and actions in this simplified outlook.

    The analogy you draw is also rather misleading. You talk about smashing people in your thoughts, but it sounds like you are describing your imagination. Yea, when you get angry you may have a vivid imagination and envision the damage you would like to do to someone video game style. These thoughts really don’t effect you. What does is the thinking you are constantly doing. The words you say to yourself everyday. Having these comicbook-esque mental reactions doesn’t make you an angry person. Always blaming others, thinking that everyone is out to get you, everybody else is to blame and avoiding responsibility….these will make you an angry person. And all of that starts with the thoughts you choose to allow occupy your head.

    When you make the comment about how the sad person isn’t the most terrible person in the world, and they need to forgive themself and move on, you are right that they need to forgive themself, but they aren’t upset with themself for thinking sad thoughts….they are sad because of the way they think.

    What you constantly entertain in your mind is what you will find more of in the world outside of you. This is not about manifestation, it is about what you are focused on. When you dwell in negativity, you will be amazed how much negativity will find you. The same goes for the opposite.

  2. Richard Schley - May 17, 2013 11:06 pm

    Hi my good friends – all over the world,
    yes, it is true, more than anyone can believe, Your Thoughts are NOT you
    and they really don’t mean anything. All wonderful Fantasy, fantastic imagination about this and that … which never bring the Real Thing into your life. If your Thoughts were powerful, why do you visit a physisian, a dentist, surgery etc. Then, why are you paying plenty of your hard earned money into Insurance Companies, that hardly ever help you. If your Thoughts were poweful, why don’t you heal the sick just by One Single Word as Jesus did.??? – Powerful Thoughts bring powerful Results. However, I so far have NOT seen any results of … ?? … Therefore, we go another way and NOT believe in this Crap which they are selling you. Think. — Richard


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