Your life is not a joke


 One of the most pathetic things I find to exist in people is when they act like bullies, put others down and after they are being confronted about it, they’re extremely quick to say, “Oh I was just joking.”

That is cowardly. That is sad.

I’ve encountered a few douchebags like that before. They are not really my friends anymore of course. It honestly disgusts me to no end to be in the presence of such insecurities.

If you ever feel the need to act like a bully when deep down you’re scared because you know you have nothing to back it up with, then don’t act like an idiot in the first place.

To say that everything is actually just a joke, conveniently after you’ve attacked others is only reflecting what a joke you treat your life to be.

In extension of this point, you can’t treat everything in your life as a joke.

No I’m sorry. You can’t say you’re trying to see the bright side in everything or trying to fill laughter in everything. Not everyone agrees with you. Not everyone things you’re funny.

There’s a damn time and place for everything! 

I remember going for a wake of a friend whose mom passed away and I saw that some friends happily joking away and making light of the atmosphere. I couldn’t really agree with that.

Again, there’s a time and place for everything. Sometimes in life, positivity, comedy, jokes, smiles and shit need to be thrown out the window. If you don’t agree with this, you’re heavily deluded. You’re a joke if anything.

So take yourself seriously. Your life is not a joke. 

Stop letting your ego take over and end up acting like a moron. Stop using jokes as an excuse to cover up your insecurities.

Also, treat yourself with respect by showing others you respect them. Stop joking around. Stop fucking around.


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  1. lyn - November 6, 2015 10:06 pm

    Hey Aldan, I’ve just come across your web site and downloaded the 12 reasons. I started reading immediatedly , I could not stop till the end. I normaly don’t like that F**** word but the way you use it is so
    “GET YOUR Message over.”
    I bought and read SOOOOO many programes but as you say they only want more.
    Alden I love your views and they do seem to be every day problems.
    Your encouragement is GREAT.

    Love your books, Love Your thoughts .

    PS Don’t like Tattoos ‘
    feel sorry for the young when their Tattoos are old and Wrinkly on your body.


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