You were not born an angry baby


You were not born an angry baby.

Everything you feel today has been a learnt choice. It’s a condition wrought upon you.

Your upbringing has a hand in it. Your surroundings has something to do with it. The people you hang out with largely contributes to how you are as a person today. Your circumstances throughout your life plays a big factor.

Babies are fragile and scared. They’ve their fears, but they aren’t angry. They cry for food and attention. They don’t get angry and look to spew forth profanities. They don’t want to dish out on pain on others. They don’t want to break shit around the house just to feel good about themselves.

Only an adult would do that.

So, if you’re really doing any of that, what happened along the way?

Ask yourself that. Be brutally honest now. Stop laying blame on others and take responsibility for yourself.

You can’t say you were born like that. You can’t say it’s in your genes, roots or whatever.

Cut that shit out.

If you were not born an angry baby, then you’re a “monster.” You’re not a terror who hurts others. You’re not hopeless.

You can unlearn all of that shit, even without therapy.


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