You know this shit

You know this shit.

You know the solution to your problems.

You’ve all the answers. Deep down, you know you do.

You know what you have to do next.

You know the little, tiny steps you have to take in order to progress.

It’s probably, definitely a lot easier than it sounds, but the thing is, you do know this shit.

It’s not going to feel easy. It’s not going to feel good. It’s going to be downright uncomfortable even.

But you know this shit.

You know what to do.

So stop with the excuses.

Stop saying you’re too busy when you’re really not.

Stop thinking you need help from others when you know you should give it a shot on your own.

Stop saying you’re too tired. A little lethargy isn’t going to kill you.

Stop saying there’s something wrong with you. There is nothing so wrong with you that it can’t be worked it on. Just stop playing the victim card already.

Stop saying you don’t know. There’re so many tools out there today that can facilitate your learning.


Get to work now man.

This post was inspired by my best friend. I was bitching to him about something and he ended off with, “Dude. You know this shit.”

Indeed. Most of the time in life, we already have the answer. We ought to just get the work and stop being so anxious all the time.

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