You aren’t small, but your problems are small

This is part 4 of the expansion of 46 in-your-face quotes with pretty pictures to wake your ass up in life series.

So yes, do you know how infinitesimally small you and your problems are in the grand fucking scheme of things?

I spent my Labour Day last Friday at the hospital. My mom’s retina in her right eye tore, so my brother and I accompanied her.

I hate hospitals. It’s not my place. I find it depressing, what with all the sickness going around. That is why I really respect the doctors and nurses who work there as they give their time, heart and soul to care for others.

In the end, we had to stay there for nearly the whole day as my mom had to do some laser procedure shit for her eye. The paperwork in the hospital also took a long ass time.

It was frustrating. I was tired, hungry and restless.

But, seriously, who was I to complain?

I may have my own problems, but I have my health and all my limbs attached. Well, I did think I was going to die once when the symptoms of hyperthyroidism hit me, but I shrugged that shit off and built my health back.

Waiting in a place like that, you can’t help but think how fortunate you really are.

So maybe, just maybe, you can stop whining like a little bitch. You can also stop being such a pussy.

I’m just going to say it: Health problems trump financial and emotional problems.

I repeat: Health problems trump financial and emotional problems.

Even if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom with the state you’re in, it’s a sure thing that someone else out there has it worse, and that he or she really, really, looks up to you.

They wish they can be with you.

Now, let’s take things up a notch. Let’s bring it to a grand level, or a cosmic one if you will.

All your damn problems don’t matter. You’re going to die anyway.

Ever since my own dad died, one of my philosophies in life, to paint visual for you, is that when you’re on your death bed, nothing matters at all. All the money you’ve saved, all the work you’ve done, all the people who pissed you off, all the mistakes you made and even all the regrets you have, don’t fucking matter.

Perhaps one would say that, the money you saved do matter, because you can pass it on to your kids, who will pass it on to your grand kids.

Nah. I disagree.

You’re on your death bed. You’re old, weak and dying. You can’t even walk and you pee yourself all the time.

You’re only waiting to die. That’s how small you’re going to become one day.

And… that is a privilege. Because others will go too soon.

The only thing that matters there and then are the precious memories and experiences you’ve gathered in life.

They’re the essence of you. They make up your life. They will never lie to you.

So you might as well man up, stop whining and just get over your shit.

You’re going to die anyway.

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