You aren’t going to die from this

Last year, where I pretty much spent the whole year struggling with my online business, I hit an extremely low point in my life.

I had exactly $33 in my bank account. I was also hit by hyperthyroidism like out of nowhere. Symptoms included breathing difficulties, muscle weakness and a heart that couldn’t slow down.

Then one time, the clinic rejected my ATM card when I was trying to get more medicine.

That was a very shitty period.

I didn’t feel good. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was down.

But I didn’t give a fuck and just kept working hard.

I’m doing a lot better today.

This not a typical, “Don’t give up” post. I’m not going to tell you to work hard and all that clichĂ© stuff. You already know that.

I’m here to say that you aren’t going to die.

That is, when you don’t give up, continue working hard and pushing on.

This is the answer to all of you with fears of the future.

As long as you’re a rational, normal human being who wants to be better, you’ll absolutely do what it takes to survive.

Know what that means? It means as long as you’re sensible enough to not do stupid shit like borrowing money from a loan shark when you’re broke, resorting to drinking away your problems only, gambling to make money or taking drugs, you’re kind of good man.

Everybody fears the future on some level. Nobody is clairvoyant.

But if you embrace uncertainty, get out of your comfort zone, do what you want and most of all, add in some common sense, you’re going to be good.

So you aren’t going to die, become homeless or whatever. Take solace in that.

It will feel like shit of course, but that’s how challenges are. That’s why you struggle and that’s how you grow.

Now, just do what you have to do. Do what it takes to survive. And in that mix, give yourself a chance to do what you love and what you really want.

You aren’t going to die.

P.S. If you think you have a real problem with money, gambling, drugs and stuff, just seek professional help already.

P.P.S. You will die if you don’t eat right or sleep enough. Remember. Health first. Everything else second.

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