Work hard. Work Smart. Work with feelings

I got a sweet new top by Perspective Fit this week. Personal motivation on your apparel. Bam.

So as you probably know, yeah, work hard.

Then, there’s work smart.

But I’d like to personally add, work with feelings.

That way, it’d go full circle.

You work hard so you don’t be a lazy bum who doesn’t want to face a challenge.

You work smart so you learn as much as possible in any given time you’re working, otherwise you’re just drilling and grinding for no apparent reason. There’s such a thing as working, but gaining no real progress.

You work with feelings so you feel good and actually know you’re doing something right.

It all needs to be combined.

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Buy something, wear it to sleep, wake up, go to your bathroom, look in the mirror and be like, “Whoa! That’s some great motivation that beautiful person!”

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