Why you shouldn’t just be a nice person

In one of my 46 in-your-face quotes with pretty pictures post, I wrote how being “busy” today is totally bullshit. Why? Because everybody is busy. If you want to make that time, you’ll fucking make that time.

And that goes the same of being deemed “nice.”

Being called nice to me is close to bullshit. It’s a tricky idea today. I don’t mean to complicate a simple idea, but think about it. How many of us are considered nice? And how many nice people out there are nice to a fault?

Many are the nice people I’ve met, but they don’t realize that they’re too nice for their own good.

Here’s why you should just be a nice person

Because being nice may be confused with being weak and submissive

Most people confuse being nice with being a weak piece of shit.

As such, the nice people out there end up giving in way too much and not standing up for themselves at all. They believe that in order to avoid trouble and confrontations, being nice entails just giving in under the guise of the greater good, whatever that means.

Really now, there’s no point in being nice when it doesn’t make you feel good at all.

Start feeling that goodness in selflessness. Yes, you get to feel good about being nice. You SHOULD feel good about it. You don’t need to show off, but you ought to know and feel how nice you are as a person.

Niceness isn’t being confusing yourself. Niceness is for you to inspire everybody, including yourself everywhere.

So keep that delicate balance in being selfless. It’s not that hard. You’re allowed to do anything it is you want. It’s a fucking privilege. Sacrifice for the sake of selflessness to be nice. Learn and grow from it. But you can also feel good about it. Be nice to yourself. No one expects you to keep feeling like shit just because of others.

Because nice is a boring

How often have you met somebody and when your friend asks you what he or she is like, you only reply, “Oh he’s alright. He’s nice.”

And that’s it. You probably won’t know anything else about them. Period. End of any story.

Here’s the hard truth: Nice is average. Nice is only basic.

The most successful people in the world don’t get to where they are just by being nice. They’re accompanied by other valuable traits like passion, resourcefulness, out-of-the-box thinking, charisma and other cool shit.

Coupled with the above idea that nice is intertwined with being weak, think about how many people think that being nice is enough. With this enough-ness, they hope that through some cosmic alignment with the world, they’ll get what they think they deserve in due time. This is most commonly said as, “I believe in karma.”

Be nice. Get your basics right. But rise up and go for what you want. But after all it’s said and done, being nice is a valuable trait. There’re people out there who can’t seem to get it right. They’re known as assholes who walk down the self-destructive path as they take it out on others instead of reflecting for the better.

So be nice. Be kind to others and help the less fortunate. Show compassion.

After that, get off your ass and go get what you want. You’re fully capable of doing so. But you’ve got to realize that being nice isn’t enough sometimes. You got to add in the other good stuff.

If you think that this is all too confusing, then this is all you’ve got to do: Just keep your conscience clear at all times. And guess what? Your conscience is also there to watch out for yourself. Not just others.

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