Why you should stop reading eBooks… or not

You read that right.
There’s a reason why  you should stop buying eBooks altogether.
WHOA WHOA, don’t YOU, Alden have eBooks to sell? Why’re you telling us this?
Hear me out.
You see, eBooks are great right? You can buy them any time online and more often than not, they come with really awesome bonuses.
It’s all good as these info products would definitely solve your problem(s), according to their sales page at least.
 So what’s the problem with buying eBooks here?
The problem is that we all get over reliant on them.
Straight up:
If all of life’s problems could be solved simply by buying an eBook, an e-course, a coaching session or even getting a mentor, then the WHOLE WORLD would be at peace.
No. It doesn’t work that way.
What it really takes is real life experience, in which you most likely have to interact with other people and form relationships.
That’s the truth. No amount of eBooks or whatever can match up to life.
eBooks are great when it comes to giving you that jump start in your journey to be a better person.
If anything, you should be proud that you’re 1) self-aware of a problem and actively looking to solve it. You’ve no idea how many people in this world are pissed off or sad and they don’t even know why.
and 2) taking a step to solve your problem, your pain, is better than nothing. So awesome! Give yourself a clap!
You shouldn’t be too hopeful of anything online that promises to solve your problems “instantly”, “overnight” or “while you sleep”.
Seriously, can you get “instant abs” from reading an eBook? Can you earn “6 figures” overnight after applying some system? Can you really attract everything you want in life just cause you buy some “mind mastery” book or some shit?
[tweetherder]Life is simple. Don’t over analyse, and don’t overcomplicate. If you want something, work hard, get out of your comfort zone, be prepared to fail, pick yourself up and keep going.[/tweetherder]
That’s all.
But hey, it’s great to have these eBooks to guide you. Just don’t be too hopeful… I don’t want you to get disappointed.
Bottom line: Set your intentions to want to work hard, use all the guides you want, but remember that it falls back on your intentions to get what you want, yourself.
Anyway here’s my shameless plug.
I’m pretty happy and proud to say that I got a legitimate eBook store right here.
And I’m actually some decent money now! Woo! Thanks to you guys!
It’s always been a dream to a writer on my own terms (not be a journalist or some shit) and make an impact on others.
All in my awesome, real, no BS tone.
Check out my books if you want. Self-esteem problem? Shyness problem? Blogging problem? I got your back!
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