Why quit your job: Productivity at work is a lie

I left my job last year, the reason mostly being I believe in following your passion in life and then cashing in on it. It was a good job. I was a social media marketer. Whatever I learnt back then is being applied in this very blog today. But what got to me is the lack of productivity in myself. I wasn’t exactly lazy. I definitely wasn’t that annoying asshole at work who liked to talk shit behind others’ back.

As the title goes, productivity at work is a lie. It is dangerously so especially if your job is not really that meaningful or you basically aren’t doing anything you care for. We may work for a salary or some kind of fulfillment, that is, doing what what others expect out of you only, but how much of that actually contributes to you being your best self?

The email afflication

Answering emails is barely work. There I said it. How often do you hear people say, “I got to clear my emails” or “I just cleared like 500 emails”.

It is definitely real work for some, especially those in charge of planning and logistics. It wasn’t for me.

Just send the fucking email, get it out of the way and do something more productive. The disease that answering emails is considered work hampers  you from doing some more awesome. Just because you typed a lot of words and communicated with your clients and then say that you can’t really continue work as you need to wait for a reply doesn’t really mean you achieve much. In fact, the latter waiting game can drive people insane.

Don’t fall for that. Send the emails out, get it out of the way, then do something better.

Going for lunch

So you cleared all your emails or you managed to finish a piece of an assignment. It’s one more hour to lunch. And you are like, “Oh I will do that shit after lunch”. Sounds familiar?

This “might as well” symptom is more like a safe way to say you allowed to procrastinate. After all, you need a break right?

Breaks are cool. But not when the breaks are your ultimate aim at work.

Your asshole boss

Everyone has them. Your boss is an asshole. He’s incompetent, stupid, annoying and probably a pervert. He’s like hell-bent on making your life at work miserable.

But face it, he’s your boss. On some level, you are looking for his approval. You do all his shitty work anyway. You are a good guy, that’s why you don’t mind doing it. That’s why, when he gives you that little compliment after you think you done a a good job, you feel great about it.

And it’s because of this you are under the illusion that you are doing great work; work you want when you are not. What more of getting approval from an idiot? Unless you are doing what you love, don’t feel so high as if you just won the Nobel prize.

Oh I had a great boss. But I lost passion for the work.

Your being at work

Lastly, you are at work. Physically, you are there. You dragged your ass to the office every morning. That seems normal, especially in the matrix, that means you ARE doing work. That’s an automatic understanding.

As such, you skive. Yes you do. It’s not “a little” bit of surfing Facebook, it’s not just one YouTube video, it’s not “keeping yourself company” by chatting online at the same time. It’s skiving. Yeah sure, all work and no play makes you a mindless drone. But think about the hours you clock up skiving. Really, think about it.

This is first page on Google after you search for “Skiving at work“, and others treat it as a real skill to skive more than anything.

So quit your job

Because if you put your mind, heart and soul into, you can be doing greater things. Without a frigging doubt.

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