Why I write today and the power of books and stories



Because I like to tell stories.

Stories bring you places. I love how the written word can make people feel something they usually can’t elsewhere. That’s the power of storytelling.

Since back in high school, I started reading a shitload of fantasy fiction novels (Dragonlance) and I remember how the characters within made me feel like I could totally relate to them and what they were feeling.

Believe it or not, I consider these characters my role models. I don’t think that’s crazy.

If there are no potential role models around you or if you’re surrounded by assholes, then go back to stories. The characters are your friends. The writer is your friend. If Harry Potter is your best friend, then so be it. 

Sadly, most of us today don’t realize how powerful a good story from a book really is. We are too distracted by social media and surfing the net in general. It has made us greedy for fast, short bursts of entertainment to feed our attention. When was the last time you could watch a full movie without wanting to check your phone?

I am guilty of this myself, since I swipe the shit out of Tinder. –

Do yourself a favor today. Grab a good book. Just go to your fucking library. Read. Try to write even. Go places and feel something different.

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