The honest to goodness guide to why you should start a blog for a crazily awesome future

So I thought I take a shot at this whole, “Why you should start a blog” topic and give my own point of view.

Be warned, it’s going to be very real, harsh even.

The whole rage on blogs

It seems like the way to go eh?

The modern way of building a thriving, sustainable business. Going online is the way to go. And it’s not just selling some crap online. It’s about building a brand online, with your personality, infused with psychology, applied science and even creating art.

Blogging can be a business.

What kind of annoys me is that when it comes to bloggers actually blogging about why to blog, it’s always about their success. Everything seems to be flowery, awesome and most of all, easy.

[Insert cheesy and cliche scenario of successful blogger working 4 hours a week at his beach house. And he loves life! Yeah! Celebrate small wins and all that shit!]

It’s not like that all the time. Possible, but not as easy as you think.

Being at this for over a year, I can confidently tell you blogging is the way to go.

1) You can blog from home

Yes you can. And being at home rocks. I am not an office guy, but if you are, good for you.

I don’t mean to go into the whole, “Work from home” cliche, but I just think blogging from home is the key to escape from waking up ungodly hours and evil commutes.

That being said, don’t underestimate the power of a good sleep and energizing yourself for another day. Go look up the benefits of being an early riser. Have you ever stopped to think that all shitty days stem from lack of sleep? Yes… it snowballs.

Be in your own environment. Be your environment. That’s insane productivity.

2) You can connect with the big guys

I always felt in real life, to even connect much less meet highly successful people was near impossible. I mean, why would they? They’d probably be too busy being up there with other equally successful folks.

But in blogging, I was pretty blown away with the connections I made.

When I started out, I took a chance and emailed some popular bloggers.

Boom, they replied. I was like, “Holy shit!”. So yeah, popular/successful/awesome people are nice and responsive too.

Seth Godin replied me once. Danny Iny replied me A LOT. And so did Julien Smith. Chris Guillebeau and Erika Napoletano too.

And yo, it’s not only because modern technology i.e. email makes it super convenient for connection. From what I learnt, a lot of bloggers make it point to reply all their emails. It engages people and builds relationships.

You don’t really feel like the “little guy”.

3) You can connect with good people

I’m always blown away by people I connect with online.

So many have helped me unconditionally.

I’m talking giving me free ebooks/courses, Skype chats, email tutelage and a bunch of other free stuff.

And it ain’t just about freebies. The amount of encouragement I receive from total strangers, bloggers or readers is amazing. People just drop in and fill my inbox with kind words for no reason.

In a supposed “Dog eat dog” world out there, such kindness is unheard of.

When I was employed, I developed a gigantic distaste of traditional entrepreneurs. I ALWAYS saw a selfish element, which was conveniently called “leverage” or “watching out for myself”.

Whatever. Call it what you want. Only you know best. But it really says something when a norm is built on greed and selfishness and a little bit of hypocrisy.

4) Blogging can be your art

Art man, art!

Whether you love to write, do podcasts, create YouTube videos or design webcomics, it’s your art.

It’s self-expression.

It’s unexplainable. The feeling of growing and evolving from constant creation is truly amazing. It’s not just about being better. It’s a form of self-actualization.

A blog is a platform, but in this case, it’s your stage. You’re the performer. You always take center. The world is yours from there on out.

5) Blogging is freedom

This is the extension of having a passion, doing what you love and making money from it.

With the blog as a platform, you can indeed start a business doing what you love; from your art. You just need to find that convergence of where and when people will pay you for it.

And since it’s your art, no one can ever take that away from you.

It’s your platform, so you’re your own boss.

6) Blogging creates the best version of yourself

That’s provided you find the strength to continue on despite feeling beaten down and even depressed from things not going anywhere.

Through hard work and consistent effort, you can create an honest living you can be proud of.

When I say “beaten down” I DO MEAN beaten down. It’s being held against the wall. It’s seeing your bank account die off. It’s dealing with your supposed friends who suddenly start to discourage and disrespect your choice of lifestyle. It’s dealing with readers who criticize you heavily.

It’s pretty damn hard.

But when you pull through and start seeing results. You become fucking invincible. You’re gonna be amazed how much crazy shit you’re capable off. That’s how you start beaming with pride about being yourself.

That being said, yeah, blogging is tough work. It’s not, “Oh I can work from work, write about some stupid shit, get traffic and people will start buying whatever shitty product I throw out there”.


7) Low startup cost

Yep. Just be a little smart on it. Don’t buy into scammy courses.

8) Hence, nothing is really catastrophic

A big folly of mine was always second guessing my intentions cause I was just too scared to take action.

I kept thinking that I had to follow everything by the book, and that meant making sure not to fuck up as I felt every mistake would be catastrophic, like people would hate me or my blog would be condemned forever.

It isn’t like that.

Really, only you remember everything you do and probably blow up the bad stuff. People don’t really care or even remember.

If I were to break it down, “what’s actually going on” behind this blog has so much nonsense and discrepancies it’s laughable, all thanks to me being easily distracted.

But it’s cool. Nothing is every catastrophic in a blog… unless you do stupid shit like being scandalous and controversial online for the sole purpose of offending people.

With that in mind, blogging is freedom.

9) You can start or restart anytime 

Just do it. No excuses. Don’t be afraid. Everybody starts somewhere and everybody fails and screws up along the way.

That’s my take on why you should start a blog.

It’s awesome. Just try it.

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  1. Jong - April 24, 2013 11:19 am

    “such kindness is unheard of.” – so true 🙂 that’s one of the reason why I love the online community.

    If you’re not doing so in socialising in real world, try it online. You just never know what in store for you.


  2. Marko Saric - April 24, 2013 8:11 pm

    Good post, I hope it motivates more people to start blogging. It is such a nice and productive way to spend some of your free time and everyone should give it a shot and hopefully get to experience some of the benefits.

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  4. Frank T - April 27, 2013 3:41 am

    As always, well said and very motivating. Thank you, Alden!

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  6. Johne564 - May 1, 2014 4:37 am

    Hey there, You have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to fcgkeefgggka


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