Who cares about your birthday?

I just celebrated the shit out of my 26th Birthday! Fuck yeah! I had an awesome dinner with my mom and brother, which he paid for.

The cool part? I had about 150 people commenting on my Facebook wall, giving me well wishes and shit!

I am not trying to show off or anything, but that feels like a lot to me. Knowing that I got friends who actually bother to post shit on my wall and wish me on my birthday?! Does that make me feel totally good and awesome? Of course! Especially since more often than not I don’t usually do the same.

Wtf so much love!

It is my firm belief that everyone cares about their birthdays

You know there’s always that one dude or chick who’s like, “Aww it’s okay I don’t usually do anything for my birthday” or “Hey I don’t expect anything guys, don’t buy me shit!”. And then they have this air about them thinking they are all mature and shit, or simply too cool for their birthdays. I am 100% sure, that deep down they are all secretly hoping something good happens for them on their big day. Part of the fun of your birthday is thinking what you can expect for the day itself, and that’s fucking tantalizing!

Even if you are like fucking 70 years old, I think they would actually still care about their big day. Maybe all that energy won’t be as great as before, but I should think they would be wondering who actually still cares. And when someone does, that’s fucking awesome. I personally don’t think a 100-year old would care about his or her birthday. They are probably thinking, “Oh Wtf, when am I going to die?”

Birthday comes only once a year bitch

However fast you think time may zip by, a year is still kind of long. I mean what the fuck, why not just celebrate and have fun? With social media making it so fucking easy to communicate today, you are bound to have people post shit for you and wish you a happy birthday, unless you have zero friends, and that kind of makes you a loser.

Don’t you feel like a fucking king on your birthday and your wall is filled with nice shit? You should be! Just wallow in it! Life is just too fucking short to always be worrying, unhappy or just laying in-between doing nothing.

I am gonna end this shit right here before someone thinks I am being super obnoxious riding on post-birthday high. I understand that some people can’t celebrate due to commitments like work and all. Just food for thought aight?

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