When you think your life sucks: Watch this video

Nick Vujicic has no arms, and no legs. Yet he’s easily one of the most positive and happiest man alive. He loves life and doesn’t let his handicap get in the way of anything.

Maybe you haven’t watched the video, maybe you have. If anything, watching a video like that should definitely make you reflect and look around.

Loving life and being happy for what it is must be one of the hardest thing to do in the world. Everybody goes through shit in life. For some, it’s a lot worse than others. And more often than not, we can just never fathom why bad things just keep happening without any legitimate reason. When you think things are going to get better, it doesn’t. Sometimes it just feels like the world is against you and the people around you are just conspiring to make your life as crappy as possible.

It doesn’t matter who you are even: Businessmen, housewives, teenagers going through puberty, poor folks trying to make ends meet, students.

Yet I say, even though you think your life sucks, there is usually someone else out there worse off than you. Everyone ought to be assured, it is very normal in the race of humans. 

In life, it ain’t about the bad shit happening around you, it’s how you react to it and whether you want to take a positive spin around it.

I can’t remember how I chanced upon this video for the first time, but I am very thankful for it. I encourage anyone who is reading this to watch this now and look around. Is your life really that bad? Do little checks on the little wonders on your life. The food on the table. The roof over your head. Your mom’s nagging. Your dad’s encouragement. Your little niece and nephews chattering away. The opportunities in school and at work.

When the shit just keeps raining and shows no signs of letting up, take a look around. Then pick yourself up. Life isn’t that bad all the time and the future holds many great things.

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