When things don’t turn out as fun as you thought it would be

I think it makes for a real shitty night or situation when you expect things to be totally fun and awesome. But it doesn’t. Things just go wrong and it totally isn’t what you expected it out to be.

Be it a night of fun in the club, a pre-hyped up session at the gym or a mere date with a hottie, it’s all the same. When things are a let down, it’s a let down.

Expectations can be a terror

Everybody has expectations, one way or another. Whether you are some cynical bitch, like me or an optimistic person, expectations are what set you for the upcoming task or situation. When these expectations are not met, automatically shit just rains and it all goes downhill. Like a workout session seems shitty and you don’t feel as if your body is even being worked out. A date goes wrong cause she’s boring as shit. A night of clubbing, with all the music, people and alcohol is still boring because life is just like that.

But is life just like that?

Letting go of expectations and the outcome

I find this to be one of the bigger struggles in life. I have always read that as long as you let go of your outcome, you are good. In some ways, you just have to find ways to enjoy the process and seriously be thankful for it anyway. That means going on a date and enjoying the movie/dinner instead of thinking whether it’s going to get you laid or worse, allow you to find true love in life.

Is letting go of the outcome easy? No, I say it’s not. Everybody has frigging expectations. It’s only being human. It’s the fear of whether something will or will not show up that can actually work as that motivational force. Or perhaps it’s that optimism that spurs you forward, though I’d think that’s a dangerous thing.

End of the day, expectations and outcome are certain, but it’s up to you and your feelings to whether you want to enjoy the moment, “be in the now” so to speak to truly enjoy the fuck out of life.

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