When I was really young a teacher punched me

On the back. Ok? Not on the face. Just on the back.

But still! I was only 12 back then and it was very shocking experience, to say the least.

This is how it went down:

I had just finished our major examination in that particular school I was in. After that, the entire cohort had like a month of doing jack shit in school. We still had to go to school, but we had nothing to learn.

The school then organized swimming lessons for the entire batch of us. And it was a bunch of fun.

It was pretty cool swimming together with your friends on a regular basis. Back then, us prepubescent boys were staring at the girls in their swimsuits. It’s like suddenly, bare, exposed legs were really hot. Thank goodness we didn’t really know about random erections back then.

Anyway, after one swimming session in the morning, we boarded the bus to go back to school. A friend and I got on first and sat down.

There weren’t enough seats, so a bunch of classmates had to stand, including some of the girls.

Suddenly, the teacher came on board. She screamed at the guys sitting down, “Fucking get up! And let the girls sit!”

She didn’t use any profanities, but she might as well had since she came down like thunder.

So we got up. We squeezed by the girls to let them sit.

After I went by the teacher, POW! She hit me on the back. It wasn’t a slap, a push or a shove. It was a full punch with a balled fist.

And that was that.

It wasn’t painful or anything. It was just shocking, and baffling.

To add insult to injury, I was the only one who got hit. Why? My only guess is I was just a shitty student then.

Haha. Looking back, it was really, really funny.

So here’s the thing: It’s honestly not a big deal. It also wasn’t a big deal since I already felt the teacher was a bitchy, old hag. She’s probably dead today. I should think so.

Shit always happens in life. People treat you like shit and unfair shit rains down randomly.

But that’s okay.

You’ll grow up fine.

I bet a bunch of you are reading this and thinking, “Holy shit. What a bitchy teacher. You didn’t deserve that Alden.”

Indeed I didn’t. But who the fuck cares? Because nobody did, and I certainly didn’t.

Bad shit ruins your day only if you allow it to. Bad shit, and strictly speaking in this case, excuses will dictate your entire life if you constantly harp on it.

Your life is in turn surrounded by stupid people only if you think it so.

That is why you need to move on, do things you love, make others happy and just forget about the bad shit.

Chill and move on. It’ll all be good.

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