What to do when things don’t go your way


Welcome back to regular writing!

I was totally busy for the past couple of weeks as I was called back to the army for my yearly training.

Yes, I served in the army. I’m totally capable in defending my country and all that shit.

But the training was a complete waste of my time.

I was reduced to a lower life form yet again

That’s pretty dramatic haha, but hear me out.

I served my initial compulsory conscription back in 2004 and ended that stint in 2006.

After 7 years, I was called up for a short, in-camp training 2 weeks ago.


I’m only a corporal. That’s a pretty low rank and I’m not a commander in any way.

I suddenly had to go back into this culture where I had to answer to higher-ranking officers who, if they wanted to had the right to just fuck me up and make me do shit I didn’t even want to.

It was just a very uneasy feeling, considering I’ve been enjoying my freedom as a civilian for the past 7 years.

The worst part was: The medical officer gave me the green light to go home when I endorsed my papers which showed I have hyperthyroidism. According to the army, I’m unfit for combat.

And then…

The overall in-charge officer didn’t allow it. I was held back to do admin work for a week.

My excitement to escaping it all turned into utter shock and disappointment.

So what happened?

Did I feel like shit the past week? No.

Did I regret it? No.

Do I hate the officer for making me stay in to do meaningless admin work? No I don’t.

What to do when things don’t go your way

Any guy from Singapore reading this would have felt my pain for sure.

The army is a waste of time to like, 99% of us. The other 1% have decided to make a career out of the army. Suit yourself.

And nobody likes to be suddenly subjected to a bunch of rules where if not followed, punishment would ensue.

Seriously, I had to make sure my hair was neat. I had to make sure my uniform was neat. I even had to re-learn how to stand properly in front of an officer (Cause you can’t stand on one leg and shit and start looking like a bum).

And being THIS CLOSE to just going home on the first day… I think I had every right to be pissed.

But meh. I moved on. Really quick. You should too.

1) Just fucking suck it up

Cause not everything in life goes your way, all the time. Life isn’t a magic genie in a lamp. Life isn’t about wishes.

Only spoilt bitches want everything their way and then whine when it all goes wrong.

2) Stop whining too

Cause whining makes you look like shit and nobody likes a downer.

It’s also going to reflect badly on you. People are gonna think you can’t handle your own life.

3) Take what you can

The bright side yo. You gotta take it!

I made a ton of friends inside and I just know they’re going to be friends for life. I had a good time getting to know them.

And yes, there is ALWAYS a bright side. No doubt about that. When there’s a friggin shadow, that means some light is being cast somewhere.

4) Make it as easy as possible for yourself

When things don’t go your way, it’s easy to be like, “Fuck. I don’t need to deal with this shit!” and then you do all sorts of things to rebel or try to make things go your way.

In the case of the army, I could have tried to get away with keeping my long, beautiful hair, donning an unity uniform or not listening to officers.

But I didn’t.

I got all of that shit done easily. It was smooth sailing.

So let it go, and make it as easy as possible for yourself. Don’t be so rebellious. It’s not a big deal. If shit can be done, then get it done ASAP so you can fuck off and go your way.

5) Grow from it

Let the events of your life grow you.

Take every opportunity you can to be more awesome.

If not… you aren’t just a whiny little bitch. You’re a piece of shit laying there and things aren’t going your way.

That’s not a good life. It’s not even a life.

Go forth and grow. You can do it. There’re no excuses.


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  1. Kevin Cole - October 28, 2013 4:33 pm

    No idea how the military in Singapore is, but I have lots of friends and family that are in the military here in the US. In fact, I almost joined the marines straight out of high school. I’m so fucking happy I didn’t do that. My disdain for authority wouldn’t go over so well.

    Anyways, I totally resonate with your point. We can’t always control what happens externally. But we CAN always control what happens internally. It’s a choice.


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