What is your ONE thing?


Today I want to write about something meaningful.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned how I wrote a long and angry email to my subscribers.

First, I want to say thanks to those who replied and showed me their support.

It was awesome when you said, “Fuck the rest” and “Keep doing what you’re doing”.

The reason for that email was a culmination of over a year of struggling and working hard on this blog.

This blog is a business to me, and so I study a lot on blogging, marketing and creating a business online.

And it’s an understatement to say that it’s been extremely overwhelming.

There’re just so many fucking rules, theories, concepts and opinions to it all.

Everyone, successful or not has their own opinion and they’d kill and spill blood to stand by it.

I faltered, lost myself and “sold out” when I stop believing in myself and kept listening to these rules.

One of the biggest problems with me is that, unless I’ve done it before, I really need someone to tell me it’s okay or give me the green light in order to move forward.

Before that, I’m a useless noob who thinks everybody is right, even though they could be wrong.

After a year of that and NOT seeing much results, I exploded and that email went out.

And it felt really good.

What I discovered from your replies…

What do you guys love about me and my blog?

Most common answer: “I love how honest and authentic you are”

And that I am. I love to write and I’m super open about my personal life, fused in to forge the perfect blog post for you, with many things for you to take away.

So then it hit me…

Why did I even hold back in the first place? I love to write. That’s obviously my best ability and most natural talent.

I come up with ideas all the time (my Evernote app is updated all the time on the go) and then I can write the shit out of that topic, easily.

But sadly, that one thing of mine got overshadowed as I kept studying business and marketing concepts, which was supposed to enhance it, but ironically did not because I kept second guessing myself.

I’m really tired of holding back…

Yep. There will be more blog posts and emails written by me from here on out (a cardinal sin to some bloggers).

So you, what’s your one thing?

What’s your one thing that is special to you and makes you, you?

What’s your special talent?

What comes naturally to you while others struggle with it?

Trust me, THERE IS SOMETHING within.

It can be called passion, or whatever. It’s just that one thing for sure.

Me? Being honest and authentic, in everything I do. It extends to my daily life as I switch from being a son, Bboy and writer. Sometimes I’m the annoying friend who has extremely lame puns

See how that works?

Find your one thing, hold on to it.

From there, you can form an identity and be known for something to everybody. It’s like a brand. Your own brand.

Then you rep yourself and the culture that comes along everywhere, in your clothes, your Facebook, your Instagram, your blog or whatever.

Be ridiculously proud of who you are.

And keep doing you. Never make apologies for yourself. Else… you’re just going to waste time like I did.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


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