Real Talk 16: What I learnt from a really cheesy movie with a dumb title

The other day I was just watching, We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron and Wes Bentley.

I thought it was a decent feel-good movie about friends growing up together even though the title is really stupid.

Cole Carter, Zac Efron’s character is an aspiring EDM DJ who wants to create music. World-famous DJ, James Reed, played by Wes Bentley took him under his wing and taught him everything he knows.

In return, Cole decided to fuck his girlfriend, Sophie who is played by Emily Ratajkowski.

That was pretty much the climax of the movie.

Context: The thing is, James is an alcoholic who doesn’t treat Sophie right. Cole, being the young soul he is decided to save her by screwing her.

James found out and kicked Cole’s ass.

Cole didn’t fight back, but instead insulted James by calling him a loser and a sellout.

James replied this:

we are your friends quote

I found that to be a really powerful and awesome quote.

I guess I can relate a lot to it since I do a lot of shit which I know a lot of people will never understand. Heck man, I just know people are going to read this and think I’m such an angst-ridden guy relating to B-grade movies and shit.

And you know what? That’s okay.

It’s okay for everyone.

Not everyone goes through something irreparable in life. It is a very surreal feeling to live a life that’s real for you, but yet certain things are out of your control. It is even more surreal when something in particular used to exist in your life, but is now gone forever.

I am of course, talking about my dad’s death.

Thus, not everyone can understand this. Not everyone has the “opportunity” to actually experience something so bad that it’s irreparable. They will then chastise, criticize and even attack you.

And that’s okay, for we all have our own shit. Don’t judge them. Some are simply trying to help.

Take major pride in your pain, but don’t wreck your life

It’s okay to be in pain. We all go through it. It’s okay to even hit rock bottom. It’s probably a lesson you need to learn before you pick yourself up.

Even if you can’t understand it yourself, that’s okay. Take your time.

Even if your friends don’t understand it, that’s okay too. That’s their problem, not yours.

You went through a hell lot. You were finished once. Take actual pride in that. It is something you get to go through that will make you grow in a way such that you view life differently from others.

And that will make you stand out.

It will hurt like hell though.

But that’s okay.

You’ve an enlightened understanding of life. This is where you should be proud of yourself and not cave in to others’ misunderstandings. Those are just noise.

And if you’re still here… you won’t finished, right?

Live it up.

It’s okay.

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