What douchebags do: Talk about how drunk they were last night

That’s what we do. We are one of those annoying assholes who are like, “Oh man last night was so radical. I drank so much and totally got wasted!”

Talking about how drunk you were last night is an absolutely cool thing to do, but it can annoy the fuck out of others. To people who don’t drink or give a fuck, they will never be able to understand the craziness of the douchebags’ pleasure in partying and then talking about the partying. YEAH! When something is awesome, you just TALK about it the next day. If it sucks, you tell it to fuck off and don’t bring up that shit anymore.

Stupid shit we talk about:

1) The girls we hooked up with: What else? If you hooked up with a hot chick you fucking boast about it.

2) The fat chicks some idiot hooked up with: It happens.

3) The person who puked: Inevitable. There’s always that one douchebag who pukes during the night. And he’s most likely proud of it, that is, if he’s not too sick to talk about it

4) Who didn’t pay for some shit: Everybody’s got to pay for drinks and there’s usually one or two sneaky bastards who didn’t bother to fork out enough cash.

5) How much we drank: It’s always awesome to show off how many bottles you took down and how many shots you took.

6) Random epic shit: It means someone did something stupid, but funny, like drunk texting and calling.

Who the fuck cares?

Why talk about douchebags and their annoying rants? Because they don’t give a fuck about you and they know how to have fun.¬†

In life there’s going to be a lot of annoying people out there and though you probably don’t know them well, it’s easy to find their ways weird and shit. But if you can get over yourself and look at it deeper, they may be having an awesomer life than you. Even though you aren’t even trying to be a douchebag.

Also, too many people talk about how drunk they got last night. This shit needs to be penned down and read for what it is!

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