Weekly round up!

Sup guys,

I’ve been busy as shit writing up guest posts from around the web again!

Take your time and read’em. I put in a lot of effort in’em.

A little note on guest posting:

It’s basically writing for another blog. With that, it makes you the guest.

You got to see whether you’ve to take off your shoes or not, when you enter the house.

Think about it.

The 7 straight-up truths on blogging, and they hurt! 

Ryan Hanley is the master when it comes to building relationships online and creating immense value! It was a great experience working with him, and what more, clicking with another badass online.


Partying Philosophy 101: Why you shouldn’t be generous, even if you’re filthy rich
Modest money is all about managing your finances, in a down to earth manner. Pretty cool blog like the owner.

This post is about my experience partying hardcore last year and spending as if I was king, when I wasn’t.



Let passion be the sauce of your epic adventure

Adventure Sauce it awesome. As the name speaks for itself, the blog is all about passion and finding adventure.

And the owner is an awesome dude who travelled across America, with a really awesome viral video he created!

I wrote this post because I am all about passion and I want to let you know how passion can be your awesome adventure.

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