We all do care about what others think

Here it is. An ultimatum in life despite what others teach and even what I’ve been saying.

As much as we try not to give a fuck about what others think or say about us, deep down, we do.

You know you do.

And that’s perfectly normal.

Without caring about what others think, we would not care about making a good first impression, the first date, the job interview, what your partner’s parents think of you and also our own image.

To drop any of that reflects how much you care about others and how much you also respect yourself. It’s rude, downright annoying and even repulsive. Nobody would even want to be around you then, which in a way, is worse than not having anyone around you at all.

It’s funny how the self-help world advocates not caring about what others think as if it’s dogma. Everybody cares at one point or another.

The one who tries too hard not to is the one who has no friends. Observe this and you’ll see.

It’s all about the balance then.

Care about what others think so you don’t portray the wrong image.

But yet, don’t go into extremes.

Do not care if the people in question are not even worthy of your time or life.

Do not care if they’re toxic.

Do not care if you’ve slipped into paranoia. That’s the difference.

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  1. Timon - June 13, 2016 3:25 pm

    Balance, true! Ofcourse you give a fuck, because people are social animals.

    I do think that you can care about the opinion of people who align with your values.
    And don’t care about people who do not align with what you stand for!

    I think that is big part of the not giving a fuck discourse, don’t care about all the useless critique, but do give a fuck where it is important (to you).

  2. The Wave Of reality - June 19, 2016 5:08 pm

    Love it!
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