I watched my friend punch a little dude once. Some realizations on toughness and anger



Guess this is what it’s all about?

This is a morbid tale of guys who try to be tough. It doesn’t exactly end well.

It’s morbid because I think most guys have a problem. We want to be tough, but we only end up acting it. We have this idea that toughness is all about violence and showing that you’re a man that way.

Anyway so here’s how the tales goes. I’ll just get to the good parts:

A friend of mine got jumped by two kids in a club. My friend is physically fight-ready as hell, but because he got jumped, he got hit. You can hit anybody if you land a sucker punch, which is of course a coward’s way of doing things. I wasn’t around then. To this day, I don’t even know why that happened.

My friend was of course, pissed. He wanted to find them to settle the score. Fast forward a couple of moments later, we found them outside.

My friend didn’t jump them. He told them he wanted to fight. What followed was a display of amplified fear and the ridiculous consequences one must face when he acts like a fucking idiot.

The two kids did not want to fight. They were afraid. They were frantically discussing how to settle the matter under the conditions that they knew they had to pay for their actions.

“Okay erm. One punch to the face? Is that all? Please?” said one of them to my friend.

One of the kids thought that it was going to be a two-versus-two match as I was there this time. He wanted to settle for the one-punch-to-the-face treaty. He remarked to me, “You don’t punch. You’re bigger than your friend.”

I exploded with laughter inside while maintaining a stern posture, “LOL. ME?! I’ve never even fought before in my life!!” Yes, my shoulders were slightly broader than my friend, but he’s a head taller than me and has real training in martial arts. I was nothing compared to him.

I had to bite my lips to prevent myself from laughing.

Eventually, my friend was like, “Alden. Hold this” as he passed me his watch and ring. He walked over and POW! One kid flew. He landed on the ground.

I pulled my friend away to make sure he didn’t continue his barrage. We went off.

I won’t say how I knew, but I knew the kid needed surgery after that.

That was that.

The ridiculous aftermath of manliness gone awry; toughness misunderstood and anger uncontrolled.

Not many guys see it or experience it. That’s kind of a shame. On one hand, count yourself lucky you don’t encounter such bullshit. On the flip side, we’re all caught up in ridiculous notions of what a fight is like because of dumb movies and also guys who’re all talk.

Sorry guys, fighting doesn’t make you tough. It makes you look stupid

Sorry, but I’m actually laughing at my screen now. It was astounding to see a couple of little boys who thought they could get away with their bullshit turn into a couple of wimps begging for mercy.

As said, these are things most guys don’t see. These are the things most guys don’t dare to talk about. But we all need it. Angry guys are ready to explode any time. It’s best something is done before they do something stupid.

Stop trying to act tough, for there’re consequences

There’ll always be consequences. It’s a given. It’s a law of life. Call it karma or whatever, you’ll have to pay one day.

These two boys just happened to mess with the wrong guy.

Guys today need to stop acting like things will go their way when they act out of aggression. No, it’s not going to happen like in the movies where the typical angry anti-hero gets his revenge and manages to right the wrong he was bestowed upon.

And who knows man? What if these two kids had backup nearby? That’d have been the end of us instead.

Stop thinking that toughness is all about violence

Real toughness is taking on whatever the world throws at you, get beaten down and still finding the strength to pick yourself up and carry on.

And you don’t have to be an angry, beefed up guy to do any of that. You don’t have to physically fight to do it. This poor farmer worked hard his whole life so his son could graduate.

A beefed up guy, one who even knows how to fight wouldn’t look so tough anyway if he goes home to cry after he loses in whatever anyway. Maybe a girl rejected him.

Stop being all talk, for aggression only belongs to a certain kind

I think most guys are all talk. We act tough. We get so mad that we say we want to do this and that in order to hurt that guy.

But when it comes to it and emotions are heightened, more often than not, we choose to do the right thing and walk away.

Call it excuses or whatever, but I think we all just want to stay out of trouble. I once know of a guy, whose ex-girlfriend back then I dated who wanted to beat me up. When I showed up at some social gathering, he went one side to sulk.

I wouldn’t say he didn’t dare to take action or that he backed out like a pussy. I think he just couldn’t deal with his emotions well. Fast forward a few years later, we bumped into each other and he smiled and said hi to me.

We all get angry. But we’re also normal, rational, have brains and are generally good people. If you’ve yet to cross the line and do something stupid, then don’t. Don’t even waste your time thinking up useless thoughts on how you want to dish out pain and whatever.

You’re a good dude. So start acting like one.

Stop the anger, because you wouldn’t want to face a life filled with it

Now, how do you think I felt witnessing the entire event?

My answer: It wasn’t great. It was highly intense. It weighed high on the Not-Cool scale.

It just wasn’t fun.

I won’t state the reasons why per se, because it was more of a feeling. We’re all so used to our safe and stable lifestyle that any form of interruption, what more an extreme one like that would rock our world in a bad way.

I wasn’t directly involved, neither was my friend hurt. But it was just crazy. It was even kind of scary. It’s scarier knowing that if things went wrong, things could have gone really wrong.

So stop being so pissed off all the time. It ain’t worth.

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