Untold secrets of living life to the fullest

Answered a question on Quora here about why you don’t really have to live your life to the fullest.

Check it out.

I consider myself someone who lives life to the fullest, and here’s my perspective on things.

The ultimate answer is: It really depends on who you’re asking because the cliched notion of living life to the fullest can be very overrated and also a lot of people who claim to be such are nothing but pretentious liars.

And I’ve been on many, many boats.

The one who has passion

You know, “following your heart” and apparently “feel like you don’t have to work a day in your life.” This is absolute nonsense. Passion does not solve all your damn problems. We’re only human and we bound to feel unmotivated, tired and uninspired from time to time.

But yes, get passion. Find it. It will take you a long way, but remember to put in the work even when you feel uninspired. You’re going to have to push yourself and not feel disillusioned when passion doesn’t seem all that great.

The one who smokes weed all day and does fuck all

Well I don’t do weed or any kind of drugs, but I’ve met them before. The super talented artist who’s actually in a lot of pain. They escape in their art and substances.

Then they claim that they are living life to the fullest because weed and other bullshit substances makes them feel like they’re above life. But in reality, they’re just lazy bums who don’t want to get jobs, much less face who they really are.

The one who only parties hard and gets drunk all the time

Partying, clubbing, drinking, going for music festivals and getting hammered with your friends is fun. Doing it abroad and making new friends makes it even better.

But it gets old fast. And it can also be really, really stressful. Anything can go wrong. A fight can break out. Your girlfriend/boyfriend gets drunk and you have to take care of them. You may get so wasted you swipe your card just to buy unnecessary drinks. And the hangovers fucking suck.

Basically, partying gets old fast. Only immature kids think it’s cool to get drunk and act like a fool. That’s a major lack of pride there. Eventually, you’re going to have to grow out of it and when you do, there’s nothing to be envious about.

The entrepreneur who’s broke

Oh you know how it is. You go to some blog, the “About Me” talks about how they quit their job, wants to bank in on their passion and then they travel the world to live life to the fullest.

This works, but note that it’s also extremely easy to look successful, when you’re really not. All you need is a blog and a product/service page to work as a store front. Many entrepreneurs work like that, going as far as lying just to make money.

Having a business is tough. It’s a very fulfilling journey, but it can make you feel like you aren’t living life to the fullest. Be very wary of entrepreneurs who try to make it sound like they are when in reality, they’re suffering badly from the struggle. Besides, the real rich never flaunts.

The ones who aren’t even good people

A person claims to live it up in life by dating many people, but they’re actually really unhappy with their marriages and are cheating on their sacred vows.

A person claims to know many important people, but he’s actually lying because he feels the need to name drop just to feel important.

A person claims to live life the best way simply because they travel to many different countries. This is the supposed benchmark of a very big and awesome life, but some of them don’t like to travel! It’s just really easy to talk about it and impress people who have never been to a certain place after you’ve landed and are choked full of hindsight.

The bottom line:

Is simply knowing what you feel you lack in life and then doing what it takes to fill up that void.

Do it your own way. How others live their life is ultimately none of your business.

I’d also personally add that one should be realistic about it and go about it slowly and realistically. Living life to the fullest always implies, to most people that you have to be extreme and take the plunge, like quitting your job today. But doing that, especially if you have no savings or are responsible for others would be downright stupid.

So chill.

You’ve your entire life ahead to live life to the fullest. You can start anytime. Make your own mark, create your own story and ignore others, especially the liars.

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  2. Harvey Meale - September 15, 2016 8:46 am

    Can’t say I’m convinced by all of this. As an avid party-goer, I’m not convinced by your argument that “partying gets old”, or what that even means. I find it the antithesis of stressful and rarely get bad hangovers. This article just seems like you’re advocating conservatism in pop culture because it’s either worked for you or you just think it’s right and must therefore be right for others.


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