Be yourself… unless you suck



Way too many of us say, “Be yourself” as if it’s so easily understandable.

I say… Fuck it. Don’t be yourself.

Don’t be yourself if you know you suck and can be better. You need to start working harder.

Don’t be yourself if you keep making the same mistakes over and over. If you want different results, do something different already.

Don’t be yourself if you aren’t proud of the guy in the mirror. Make some changes.

Don’t be yourself if you don’t even know who you are!¬†Get a life already.

Don’t be yourself if you think you’ve problems making friends. If you think you’re repelling way too many people, surely you’re doing something wrong. If you’ve to try so hard in making friends, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

Don’t be yourself if you know you’re fat and have health problems. I really don’t need to elaborate on this.

Don’t be yourself if you’re always angry, moody, pissed off, sad, depressed and easily triggered into an emotional shitstorm. It’s time to self-evaluate.

Be yourself only if you know that being yourself means relaxing, letting loose and chilling the fuck out.

Other than that, it’s not ever “Be yourself.”

It’s “Be the most fucking awesome person you know you’re capable of becoming.”

You just gotta work at it. No excuses.

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