My uncensored truth on making money doing what you love

Here’s some Monday inspiration and knowledge for ya. Warning… it’s going to be blunt, brutal and extremely truthful.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from you guys telling me how you (check whichever of the following which applies to you):

– Hate your job.
– Want to quit shitty job, but don’t dare to.
– Want to start a business, but no idea how to.
– Have an idea for a business, but not sure how to start.

Sounds familiar? Basically, you’re confused, scared and feel like there’s more to life, like there’s something within you screaming to come out!

You’ve dreams to fulfil. You want to travel the world, make lots of money and all that. But dang…

How do you even start?

Enter me: Alden Tan who does what he loves

Yes, yes, I do what I love everyday. I write, create stories and express myself. I love that. I also make money online and I do it full time. I get to sleep more than 8 hours a day woohoo!

In my spare time, I practice Bboying (Breakdancing) and I love it. 3-4 times a week baby!

My girlfriend is not from around here, and I get to travel to Thailand monthly without worrying about taking leave from a shitty boss and other bullshit.

Sounds like all unicorns, flowers and rainbows eh?

Here’s the thing…

It has been hard as fuck, tough as nails and sometimes I feel so lost I want to cry.

That’s how it really is when it comes to doing what you love and making money from it.

I’m not trying to scare you or anything, neither am I a cynical bastard. It’s just the truth. Let me lay it down for ya:

The uncensored truth about making money doing what you love

1) The internet is not your golden ticket to solve all your problems

That’s the thing about most people who don’t know a thing about creating a blog/business online.

They think like, “Ahh I just have to create some website, drive traffic and eyeballs to it and sell something. Someone’s bound to buy something! And I get to be my own boss and do it all at home in my underwear! Wew!”

It. is. not. like. that. at. all.

No. You have to create a legitimate blog. Sell something of value and consistently add value over and over. You’ve to think long term.

Yep. A lot of hard work there.

2) Passion doesn’t solve all your problems

That’s the thing about the whole “do what you love” and “follow your heart” she-bang. People talk like as long as you do what you love, life will take care of itself.

Nah. It’s not that easy either!

You need to find the convergence of your passion and what others are willing to pay for.

3) But it is very possible to make a ton of money doing what you love

In fact, I’d say it’s essential to be passionate about your business.

I mean, if you’re just out there for the sole sake of making money, regardless of the nature of your business, it’s just going to drain you.

And when you do make money doing what you love, it feels fucking awesome.

Imagine getting an email or a Facebook message from a customer saying, “Dude! You inspire me so much!” and then they PayPal you money. Boom! That feeling rocks so much that it makes you high like stoned dude in the sky.

4) Do NOT quit your job to do what you love

I know, I know, so many people out there have quit their job or got fired and then tell the world that was “the best thing that ever happened to me” and blah blah blah.

Look, I know you may hate your job and your boss is an idiot, but you can’t just up and quit your job and shake off all your responsibilities, especially when you have people dependant on you, like your kids.

That is dumb. Basically, do not be rash in jumping into business and into your passion.

Quit your job only when it makes sense.

I was rash. I quit my job when my savings were still okay. Then as the years went by I slowly hit rock bottom. I pretty much spent the whole of 2013 with less than $600 in my account.

It’s best to be in business with the security of having some backup.You’d be able to make sound decisions then. The money can also help boost your business through advertising or whatever.

5) Start now, for it may take a long time… or not

Here’s the deal-

Whatever passion, whatever cool idea you have, find a way to start now. That’s how you start by starting small.

It will go a long way, trust me.

Start now and gain the experience. See and feel first-hand of how things work. You’ll definitely grow along the way.

When I started, I was like, “Oh man! This is no problem at all! I just have to do this (shit)”, but it didn’t work for me at all! Why? Because I was always looking for short cuts or the so-called easy money-making big break scammers try to sell you online.

I can safely say I wasted like 2 years doing all of that, for nothing.

So start now. I don’t care how small or big. Just do what it takes to start. Stop second guessing and doubting yourself, like “Oh no no I don’t have this or that thing.”. Just start!

And yo, trust me, you never know. Your big break can come any time.

I mean, if stupid bullshit in the news, like some idiot got mad her chicken McNuggets were not on sale and that shit spread like wildfire, then you never know how your business ideas can also go viral.

Bottomline? Start now.

That’s my uncensored truth on making money doing what you love. I know it’s a mouthful, but there’s so much bullshit online I just had to let it out.

Now here’s a little more truth and an offer I feel can help you.

The only course online I think that can guide you with PREDICTABLE results

So do you want to start learning HOW to make money online? The step by steps?

The course is called Audience Business Masterclass, by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing.

I don’t want to go on a sales pitch here, but here are some key points to take note of:

– The course slowly teaches you lessons (weekly) and you won’t be overwhelmed.

– Danny mentored me and helped create what you see today of my writing and blog.

– He has a guarantee: Make $3-$6/month within a year, or your money back plus extra $1,000 for you.

– Danny is a damn nice dude. He has like a million dollar biz going on and yet he replies all emails. So the support is there! You won’t be alone.

– And honestly, every course/product on making money online is all the same shit.

Seriously. every course I’ve seen will teach you how to create a business online, how to base it on your passion and then how to start making money (with some weird trick that doesn’t work in the long run).

It’s tiring honestly.

That’s why Audience Business Masterclass is the best to me.

Predictable results. Affordable lessons. And Danny is a nice guy, so there’s no stupid ass promises that are unrealistic.

No tricks here. Just hard work, honesty and….

… you.

It’s really all up to you at the end of the day.

As I said, just start somewhere.

So if you feel ready, click on the link below:

P.S. If you’ve any questions on wanting to make money doing what you love,┬ádrop me an email.

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  1. Jeff Tse - May 19, 2014 10:33 pm

    Spot on man!

    Number 4 is rough. It’s hard to work on your passion and do a 9-5 that you hate. Having a child keeps me grounded though.

    Your also right about the shortcuts. You gotta bust your ass and find out how to sell your passion. Just be patient and hustle…


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