Every time somebody asks me, “Hey man, what kind of girl do you like? What is your type?”, my answer today is always:

“I don’t believe in types anymore. As long as we can get along, that’s good enough for me.”

Indeed, I don’t believe in types anymore.

I don’t think our preferences, perception and beliefs in relationships can be put into mere categories.

Why? Because all relationships, eventually require consistent effort from both parties over time. And I do mean a long, long time.

It doesn’t matter if she is your type. It doesn’t matter if he has a lot in common with you. It most certainly does not matter if others think that you guys are a good match when you feel nothing at all around that person. You feel what you feel and that takes precedence over everything else.

People change over time. Things happen. We’re bound to also fuck up at one point sooner or later and that may destroy the entire relationship. In some cases, somebody may not have fully recovered from a past relationship and the pain will spill over.

Heck, maybe you’re supposed to meet your perfect match tonight, but he or she happened to have a bad day and they blurt out something that offends you. You get so disgusted then that you refuse to make contact ever again.

Types, or your preconceived notions on what you believe in and what you believe your partner should be will hence always crumble.

Relationships evolve. That is why you put in the effort. Both of you need to grow.

So fuck the types.

Meet whoever piques your interest (and this may make you question why you’re attracted to somebody. You’ll not be able to find the answer sometimes.) Go on a first date and just have fun. Stop overthinking and stop analyzing how they should fit into your life. In other words, stop trying to predict the future.

Let whoever you want into your life, and try to enjoy the experience.

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  1. Boldwinner - January 6, 2017 12:10 am

    Here’s another great post from Tan. No need to try to fit anybody into any type. Try to flow with them. If they flow with you, fine.. If they don’t, you move on. No one is perfect, just find someone you can tolerate their weaknesses and flow with. Nice!


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