Turn all your little experiences into HUGE dreams

Me and Bboy MoySo last week I traveled to Taipei. My only impetus was to meet this guy above.

That’s my favorite Bboy His name is Moy. I first started watching his footage back in 2002 or so, footage which had to be downloaded since YouTube wasn’t even around yet. Heck, DVDs and USB drives weren’t even mainstream then. Henceforth then, I even bought his VHS solo tape.

Since then, not once did he come to Singapore for any events. The minute I found out he was going to judge at a jam in Taipei this year, I decided to haul ass and go over to meet him.

And that I did.

I said hi. We chatted a little. I got his autograph on the tape and I got to finally watch him dance in person.

Bucket list: Checked. Checked. Checked.

To say that I actually hit a dream and goal in this lifetime (and felt severely starstruck at the same time) is an understatement. It was a big moment for me and not something I’ll ever forget.

The misunderstanding of hitting your dreams

So that’s the thing. It was a huge moment, but it was also a little experience I created for myself.

I think way too many of us have this misguided idea that dreams have to be this huge, seemingly impossible thing that only the lucky few in life can attain.

That’s bullshit honestly.

Dreams need not ever have to be based on ideals. If I’d to play out the ideal scenario of meeting Moy in my head, it’d go something like this: I quit my job and start my own online business. I make a shit ton of money, like up to six-figures. I fly down to America and meet him where he stays. I only talk to him if I feel I’m good enough. Then take a bunch of selfies and be like, “YEAH! Just love #travelling, #beingmyownboss and going on more than one vacation a year!”

Nope. I didn’t do that. The only thing I did was impulsively quit my job a few years ago without a plan and that led to me going heavily brokeI went to a dark place back and only now am I recovering.

Again, dreams need not have to be based on ideals.

There is no pretext on your bucket list. You only just do it and how you do it is entirely up to you.

And I say it can be easily done based on the little experiences you create for yourself.

Frankly, this is the way to go with life. Do little things and have low expectations, and the results will amaze you. Hype yourself up and grind for ideals only, and you’re setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. Now, it’s entirely up to you if you want to work for those little experiences or keep making a bunch of excuses.

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