Top 7 auditions from The X Factor that would inspire you

Wassup my hos and bros!

Besides partying over the weekend and hitting Thai clubs, I was busy playing Gears of War 2 and also X Factoring the SHIT out of YouTube!

What’s X Factor? It’s like American Idol, only besides vocal ability the judges also look at the other things, stage presence and shit that all amounts to one’s X Factor. Really, I have seen auditions with good singers, but they didn’t make the cut as the judges didn’t think they could even “sell well”.

Now I have gathered the 7 best videos, for different reasons for everyone’s pleasure. This is a real fucking awesome treat from me because normally I don’t even watch shows like this, but some of the performers’ got me hooked from the stories and charisma. And no I am not putting up that dumb video of that guy flashing Paula Abdul while auditioning. Typical, cliche shit has no place here.

Before you watch I’d just like to say it takes real fucking courage to on stage and seriously do your thing. Not giving a shit what others think and also dealing with the direct consequences of exposing yourself takes real balls! I should know. As a Bboy who still feels the nerves before a battle, I know how that really fucked up, conflicted feeling of going on stage feels like. It’s like, “Oh man there’s really nothing to be nervous about. Just want to be do my best and have fun, but wtf why are my hands shaking?”

1) Chris Rene

Hands down my favorite audition! Chris Rene worked as a garbage/thrash collector. He used to do drugs, has a son and just got out of rehab. Listen to his whole self-composed and produced song, no regrets. I feel so fucking inspired by him! You can totally feel his story and like his whole life just from watching him rap on stage!

2) Stacy Francis

Single mom of 2 whose life’s went to shit when she listened to some retard of an ex who kept putting her down. The worst part was she believed him. It sucks when someone is putting you down, telling you you are worthless, talentless and would never achieve anything in life.  It’s dangerous when you start to believe all that and lose faith in yourself. So don’t! Others judge cause they will never know the truth; others attack because they be suffering themselves.

3) Dylan Lawson

Straight up funniest shit ever! I never seen someone get possessed so suddenly in like 1 second. I laughed so fucking hard and shat my pants, but I don’t shit in my pants anymore because I am awesome. Watch this to laugh and shit in your pants.

4) Janet Devlin

Only video from X Factor UK, I didn’t really take notice of this video until a couple of my friends kept raving on about it. I SWEAR they were being little girls over this little girl. I was like, “Can you guys stop jizzing over this girl?” And they were like, “You don’t jizz over a sweet girl like this. She’s the kind you want to shield and protect from the world filled with beasts like Alden!

And now they want to get together, drink beer and watch YouTube for her together. My god…

5) Xander Alexander

Nothing but douchebaggery on stage. If you want to see someone try to piss Simon Cowell off, this video has it all. Shame though. Despite him neck high in douchebaggery, I actually thought his singing was okay and that he would have made it through.

6) Dexter Haygood

This man has soul, real soul. And he’s homeless.

7) Siameze Floyd

WTF did I just watch? Really. This audition is like a mix of gay, genius, weird, bizzare. But you would definitely watch the whole fucking thing through. I am certain of that.

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  1. jimmy - September 28, 2011 4:34 pm

    I didn’t watch most of the videos through.


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