Top 5 videos that show what a hero is

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In light of the outrage from the recent extremely tragic incident of the Chinese toddler being run over twice and then ignored, I find that it sucks to see such graphic videos in the news or on Facebook. Yes, shit like this happens. It is very sad and it has probably pissed a lot of people off and even made a handful disturbed to the point of losing hope in humanity.

So I decided to compile a list of videos that showcase rare forms of bravery, courage and toughness. Just like the video of the robbery caught on tape here.

Do you know what a hero is? If you answered something like, “X-men and other dudes wearing costumes with super powers” then you need to fuck off and go back to your basement and watch anime porn.

A real hero is like a real person who carries out a really incredible act of bravery and courage. He or she is also someone who never backs down from fighting the good fight, be it like in a war or just something you really believe in. And that’s fantastic because it definitely can inspire the shit out of others!

5) 12-year old attempts to foil robbery

12-year old kid from Turkey attempts to stop a robber. I think it’s awesome how he suspected that the person was going to rob the store as he walked in, and instead of running off like a pussy, he stayed!

Fun factor: Kid attacks with open-palm, E honda style.

4) Man in Wheelchair stops robber

Speaks for itself, handicapped man takes down a robber. Don’t ever underestimate the upper-body strength of a handicapped person.

Fun factor: Random man in video holding a wet floor sign, trying to spank the robber LOL.

3) Elevator robber gets owned, WWE style

For the ladies! This incredible lady suplexed the would-be robber.

Fun factor: Silly robber, handbags are for women!

2) Little girl kid owns rapist

This little girl beats the shit out of a grown man.

Fun factor: She didn’t let up. She even chased him outside the elevator. Goes to show: Don’t mess with people dressed in martial arts uniforms.

1) Team Hoyt: Dad runs all sorts of marathons for his handicapped son

Longest video for the most inspiring video! See? Not all heroes come from robbery.

Dick Hoyt, father of Rick Hoyt, trained up so he could help take part in races for his son. Running over 60 marathons including The Iron Man, Dick Hoyt is truly inspiring and probably made out of pure muscle, determination and courage. Want to see a man swimming with a rope tied around his neck and attached to a raft carrying his own son? Watch the video.

Rick Hoyt, despite his major disabilities managed to graduate from high school and even earned a degree for himself.

Sometimes, just sometimes, justice is alive. If you look a little deeper and search around, there are good people in this world.

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