Top 5 thai ads that inspire

Do you like thai girls? I fucking love them. Know what else I love? Fucking thai ads on YouTube!

There was one point where I was watching the shit out of thai adverts, mostly because I was feeling pretty stressed out and pissed over work and other annoying shit. Anyway besides the funny ads, if you do a deeper search you can find a multitude of really sad, emotional, dramatic ads that are nicely produced. I am pretty sure they can tug at your heart strings and tap into your pool of emotions, even making you cry like a bitch.

Now, these thai ads are mostly advertising insurance. I don’t give a fuck about thai insurance and neither do I care if you think this is nothing but a cheap shot at playing with your emotions and making you buy something you don’t really want. Just watch the videos. Cheap or not, these videos depict real scenarios going on in this world and watching them would make your day just that little bit better!

About: A dad wanting more time with his son cause he was a shitty father.

Sad factor: Pretty high

Would appeal to: Dads, sons or people close to their family.

About: A mom who wants to deliver her baby before her due date.

Sad Factor: High

Would appeal to: Newlyweds and parents.

About: A little boy trying to save his sister… with spam

Sad Factor: Damn high, what with kids and all

Would appeal to: Everyone for sure

About: An old dude who does the same shit for 30 years, but he’s a real man!

Sad factor: Low, because touching and heartwarming factor is extremely high

Would appeal to: Couples and lovers alike

About: A poor, dying “mom” who made a difference in 3 kids’ lives

Sad factor: High, but also really touching

Would appeal to: Just about anybody

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