Maybe we’re all a little too spoiled


Last boss. Haha just kidding.

So I just came back from another trip to my girlfriend’s hometown, Kalasin. You know, the place that blew my mind in a lot of places the first time I went there last year.

And it got me thinking about how spoiled most of us are in a subtle way. Well, most of us at least. Definitely me.

No, this isn’t another we-should-love-nature-and-we-should-get-off-the-grid post. Yes, my girl’s hometown has some amazing sights along with a ton of culture. The lifestyle is totally different from the way most of us live in modern society.

Hence, we’re spoiled. And it’s not just because we don’t love nature and stuff.

My girl’s family sit down together everyday to eat lunch and dinner without fail. I don’t have that here. If you do, lucky you. Maybe it’s time we stopped treating our phones and computers as our companions during meals.

My girl’s family love to watch TV and from what I observed, anything on air works. They just switch on the tube and watch. I don’t do that. I download all my series, mostly those I know have been reviewed well. Maybe it’s time we lowered our standards.

My girl’s family can also watch any show at anytime, even if it’s halfway through. I can’t do that. I hate to watch something knowing I can’t appreciate it in full. Maybe it’s time we stop thinking entertainment owes us a living.

Thai shows on TV, from what I saw, feature extreme melodrama and insane plots. One show was of a superhero who had… I don’t even know what powers he had. He seemed like a normal person in a suit. I know for sure that show will never work here. Maybe it’s time we lowered our expectations.

Nobody in my girl’s family has an up-to-standard smartphone. My iPhone 5s beat their HTC (Or some brand. I don’t know) shit. But none of them were ever busy with their phones anyway. Yep. Maybe it’s time we stop trying to catch up with technology.

During a celebration one night at my girl’s place, one of her younger cousins, whom I incidentally made drunk haha, kept trying to communicate with me with the only two English words he knew. He kept repeating it non-stop with eagerness. I would not have done that. I’d given up early and get really frustrated. Maybe it’s time we start appreciating effort and not only focus on results. Maybe it’s time we let it slide when results don’t come.

We climbed up like hundreds of steps to see the Buddha statue in the picture above. Not to go deep with religion here, but I like Buddhism for it’s tolerance of others’ beliefs. You may not be some radical extremist, but maybe it’s time we don’t belittle faith just because our modern ways advocate logic and science more.

My girl’s other little cousin was always tasked to do chores around the house. She’d wash our clothes and clean the house without question. She doesn’t even live there. I know a bunch of us here would get irritated, annoyed and even angry when asked to do things. Maybe it’s time we stop complaining and learn that hardship builds character.

Okay sure.

It’s different upbringing.

It’s different cultures.

It’s different lifestyles.

Nobody’s to blame. To each his own. Whatever.

Maybe it’s time you just try to learn, especially when you know you can learn.

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  1. Kelley H - January 9, 2015 4:54 pm

    good post

  2. Danny - February 1, 2015 6:28 pm

    “My girl’s other little cousin was always tasked to do chores around the house”

    Not gonna lie, I read that as “My other girl’s little cousin” at first xDxD

    Still, great post!


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