This is what happens when you’re too dumb to unsubscribe and why you should stop blaming the world

Time for this week’s Hate of the Week!

Straight up, as the title says, this is what happens when you’re too dumb to unsubscribe yourself from my list.

This lady has been replying to almost every one of my emails:

“Stop spamming me ! my icloud mail is full of your messages” -May 14th

“SHUT UP” – May 14th (Can’t remember why she replied twice on the same day)

“FUCK YOU” – May 17th


“You are retarded” -June 19th

“i have read your free report of the book , and it was good, but i have no money nor credit card to buy it, and so do my relatives sorry” – May 11th, first message from her.

It boggles my mind to how someone who appears polite at first suddenly turns into a crazy bitch.

So yes, this lady is somehow blind to the unsubscribe button (that is extremely easy to see) and doesn’t want to unsubscribe herself.

As such, she hurls abuse at me.

And as always, there’re lessons here. I love being real and filtering out the bullshit. This is not a bitchy session. No bitches are allowed in this blog and my life.

No bitches should be allowed in YOUR life.

1) Miserable is when you react so strongly to the smallest of things

Spewing forth hate and vulgarities towards others.

Honking loudly on the road because someone cut you off.

Letting something or someone ruin your day.

That’s miserable.

Stop being miserable. And just LET IT GO.

2) Don’t lay blame

Stop blaming others for the shitty things in your life.

Yeah okay, you’re feeling sweaty cause the weather sucks. You feel annoyed cause your friend can’t shut up. It’s not your fault that you’re late. It’s that damn public transport.

But come on man…

You’ve everything in your power to make your life better. It’s always in your responsibility.

This here lady just has to unsubscribe but I don’t know why she isn’t.

Focus your energy on how you can make your life better rather than being pissed and shit. That’s miserable.

If you live a life of expanding negative energy in hopes of things going your way, you’re in for a HUGE disappointment. That’s what we call trying too hard to get attention.

3) Don’t be all nice and polite only to be an ass later

Seriously what’s with that? That’s not how you meet people! This is how! 

4) Take action for yourself cause the world won’t be doing jack shit for you

Take responsibility first. Stop blaming others.

Know what you want. Focus. Go do it.

Take action.

If you expect someone to always pop by and do everything for you… then please just stay home to your mama. She’s the only one out there who’s mostly likely will do that.

Power is yours. Take action and do things for yourself today.

It’s all in my book.

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  1. jamie flexman - June 20, 2013 9:26 pm

    That email story is funny – These are the same people who moan – ‘Why do people keep sharing those horrible videos on my Newsfeed, if it doesn’t stop I will have to delete Facebook’.

    Totally ignoring the far simpler method of;

    a, blocking or deleting those who are sharing such videos.
    b, filtering out such posts with that little button on the top right of the update.
    c, being a little more choosy over who you add as a friend. Seriously, do you REALLY know 800 people? No you don’t, sort it out!

    • alden - August 4, 2013 8:55 pm

      I know right?

      I got friends giving me shit cause of some shit I wrote on FB. I was eager to tell them to fuck off and just delete me,.

  2. Cameron Chardukian - June 27, 2013 9:54 pm

    Holy shit Alder your blog is phenomenal! I’ve been looking through all the internet’s personal development sites and your’s is one of the best! I don’t wanna stroke your ego too much, but keep it real man!

    • alden - August 4, 2013 8:53 pm

      Thanks man! Expect more freshness soon!


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