Those rich fuckers

You know in life you are bound to meet a bunch of dudes who are like super rich. They spend money like it’s no big deal because money to them is just paper and everything in life can be bought, especially with a credit card. Credit, which is stupid and awesome at the same time cause you can’t see shit.

Rich fuckers are typically viewed as a bunch of assholes and douchebags because they are mostly rich and always have a bunch of weird shit going on around them.

How to spot a rich douchebag

How to identify a rich fucker

1) They wear blazers everywhere they go. Put five or more together and you get an acapella group.

2) They only talk about money. Doesn’t matter how much shit they invested in at work or how much their new diamond-crusted dildo cost. It all boils down to numbers.

3) They have apparently been around the world. Okay good for them. They have the money to travel around and they have taken pictures to show off. Apparently they also like to bring home the new-found fake accent and absorb like zero culture.

4) They treat customer service staff like shit. Yes they do. They think they own the fucking place.

Now let me keep it real, not all rich people are douchebags. Money may be the root of all evil, but it isn’t the root of all douchebaggery and being an idiot.

Rich people who are self-made know the meaning of hard work and are most importantly, humble. They don’t go around pissing and shitting their money out as if it’s super awesome.

Non-asshole rich people may SEEM to have all the 4 qualities above, but if you dig deeper you can actually find a lot of cool shit about them. Because they are self-made, you can find hard work, diligence, modesty, the will to help and groom others and even a real form of self-esteem, not that bullshit esteem fueled by money. 

You just need to talk to them first.

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  1. yh - November 16, 2011 5:11 pm

    about the part regarding zero absorption of culture, word 😀

    • alden - November 17, 2011 11:42 am

      For real =)

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