Do You Want A Fucking Awesome Book That’s:

Super Honest,
Easy To Read,
And At The Same Time Inspiring So You Can Actually Rethink Your Life And Make Shit Happen?
 Then This Is For You!! 

Hey! It’s Alden here.

Just wanted to drop a quick note now.

This is the best book I’ve written.

I poured my heart and soul in it for you.

If you read my blog or emails, you’d know that I’m all about zero bullshit.

I fucking hate the “personal development self-help” industry where it’s filled with pretentious life coaches, gurus and other people that full of preachy messages up their asses.

I write to help you. My own dad died when I was young. I know what pain feels like.

I don’t think becoming a better person needs a lot of instructions, points, assignments, homework or a bunch of woo-woo shit.

There’s no pseudoscience, metaphysical, weird, new-age shit here.

Just honest and real stories.

I am not here to judge you.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you.

If anything, I think the best solution is simply chill the fuck out, grab a beer and just relax.

Just Look At That Beauty. Yum!

So relax, read, be inspired and just enjoy yourself.

I’m confident this can help you and at the very least, make you happy throughout the book.

Oh and get this book from me, and I’ll give you personal access to me. Yep! You can message me anytime and I’ll be there for you. We can share stories and shit. I’ll guide you!

BUT!!! Here’s an awesome deal for you:



Skype me: alden.tan1