This is why soldiers are awesome

Watch this now, tears are guaranteed!

Soldiers at war coming back home early to surprise their loved ones. Military soldiers from Afghanistan or Iraq, I salute you. I had to serve the army myself years ago, but my duty was right here back home. I can’t imagine being away in a foreign land for up to a year.

 You see, in life a lot of us are yearning for a lot of superficial shit of monetary value, while someone somewhere else in the world just want to see that special someone. And hope he or she is safe.

Regardless of your views on war or political stance on real world issue, just absorb the realness of the video.

God damn onions! You made me cry at 1:40! Geez, somebody get the onions out of my room I am just trying to use my computer.

Do you want more honest-as-fuck stories like this?

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