Real Talk 25: This is what bullies feel like all the time

I decided to create a post on bullies and bullying.

I personally think that this is a huge ass problem. And the bigger problem is that nobody dares to get real with it.

The victim is always told some shit like “let it go” or “be the bigger person.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but it’s going to be tough on the victim when they’re being beaten up or if they have no idea what constitutes a bigger a person.

I hate this honestly.

Bully gets slapped on the wrist. Victim is told to man up or whatever.

Bull fucking shit.

We need sensitivity. We need education. We even need some balls busting to make shit real.

And I’m here to give it to you.

This is pulled from South Park, my all-time favorite animated show. If you think this is just nothing but vulgar jokes and toilet humor, you’re fucking missing out bitch! There’s so much truth and meaningful messages inside.

And they pull it off without looking too preachy up their own asses.

Check it! This is what bullies feel like all the time.

“Bein’ nothing’ but you.” So powerful!

So a little context: Butters was always bullied by his grandma in the episode. He finally lost it and beat up somebody else. And then he said that.

That’s it.

That’s what bullies feel like.

They’re not strong, powerful, manly or anything like that for bullying someone.

They’re just reflecting how deeply insecure and sad they really are. They’re suffering, a lot.

Bullies: Please get your shit together. Stop taking it out on others. You’re not going to get better that way. Get help. For whatever’s happening at your home, people are willing to help. You just have to ask. If you’re constantly bullying, you’re heading down a self-destructive path where the void in you will never be filled completely. You’re only going to get unhappier that way. So start doing something productive with your time and stop being a bitch. 

Victims: There’s absolutely no need to be afraid. You too, get help. People are willing to help. Do not be intimidated. Stand up for yourself though (in a non-violent way.) Say your piece, then walk. It’s not a game of who is stronger and therefore the winner. It’s who is able to stand on their own and be happy their own, unique way. It’ll get better. Trust me.

Hope this helps.

Please share and spread this message because bullying is lame.

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  1. Karli - June 16, 2017 8:37 am

    I’m writing a book on this. I had an older sister who attacked me with maniacally wild screaming rages, whenever she could get me alone or on the phone. Today she is 69 & still denies what she did. (40 yrs ago she admitted her hate for me wasn’t due to anything I’d done, but that she’d felt our parents had favored me. ) I had PTSD from her, but still pitied her.


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