This is how easy it is for you to be ugly

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You know, I’ve dated a bunch of pretty girls before. Some of them are hot even, being models and all.

I was enamored by them. I’ll admit it. I like my women pretty.

But then it made me realize that looks can only get you so far, for the very fact that it’s extremely easy to turn ugly.

When you’re drunk and totally shit-faced, you’re ugly. No one wants to see that shit. In this case, no one wants to smell that alcohol on you.

When you’re angry, you’re ugly. Your face is frowning. Your eyebrows are creased. You give off this angry vibe which people can detect a mile away. People can get scared even.

When you’re mad and spewing profanities needlessly from your mouth, you’re ugly. No one wants to hear that shit.

When you’re sad and crying hysterically, you’re ugly. It shows you can’t control your emotions and that you love drama.

When you’re shouting, you’re ugly. It’s loud, rude, annoying and very barbaric.

When you’re disrespectful towards others, say the cashier or cab driver, you’re ugly. It’s mean and shows what kind of person you really are.

Way too many people are putting good looking people on a pedestal. Then we judge them to be good people because we’re attracted to them.

We think that looking good is some feature that is blessed on a lucky few on this planet. We think that they have it all and got an edge in life that the less attractive people here don’t get.

But that’s all bullshit. They can turn ugly anytime.

That is why ultimately, character and personality count for a lot, if not for everything.

There’s really no reason to be so taken in by people who look good unless you get to know them for who they are.

I can’t say I’ve not been guilty in several of the offences above. I know I look good, that much I’m confident in. But I’ve been ugly as fuck many times before, especially when I get angry.

Heck, imagine how ugly I was when I was younger, not knowing shit when it comes to talking to girls and looking like a boyband wannabe popstar.

So it’s not about looking good. It never was. Destroy that pedestal.

If you can’t back it up with a good attitude, character, values and respect for others, then your looks are useless. If you do continue to attract people with bad character altogether, then you’re attracting the wrong people who only see you from the outside, and that’ll never make you happy.


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