What thinking I was going to die young taught me about life



Maybe this headline is pretty cliche, maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s super meaningful. I thought it was a meaningful moment in my life, yet scary at the same time. This picture’d serve to accentuate the message here.

I never really expanded on this part of my life on the blog before, but yeah, a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

One of the scariest moments in my life

I suffered from the symptoms for a month before I did the smart thing of going to the clinic to get myself tested.

By then, in just a few weeks, I lost 7KG. I was feeling very weak. My legs were randomly sore. I had bouts of fever. My body itched for no reason and my hands couldn’t stop trembling on their own.

Those weren’t the scary moments.

The morning after I did a blood test, the nurse from the clinic called me. She was like, “Hey Mr.Tan. The doctor wants to see you today to start treatment.”

I was like, “What? Is it serious?”

“Ah. Just come down to the clinic.”


I thought I had cancer or something.

I immediately took a cab over. And I kid you not, I waited two hours for my turn to see the doctor. Government clinics usually take a while, but on that morning, the system decided to fuck up and miss my queue number entirely.

Finally, I went in the consultation room, hands totally trembling and my body perspiring. I sat down.

The doctor was like, “Oh you’ve hyperthyroidism.” And he further explained that it could be treated.

Well that was a relief. But nonetheless, scary as fuck. I really thought I was going to die.

The entire misunderstanding on living life to the fullest

I once met a guy who claimed to be a fitness freak. He looked buff and stuff, but he smoked. I asked him why he chose to smoke since it obviously would get in the way of his health and fitness regime.

He replied, “I’d rather enjoy my life now and do what I want. If smoking shaves off a few years  off my life, so be it. It’s like I can die at 87 instead of 90.”

And that is legitimately one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

Firstly, sure, most probably don’t want to be 90, in a wheelchair, weak and needing somebody to change your diaper and wipe your ass, but not all feel the same.

There’re tons of elder folks today killing it in and doing remarkable things at an old age, like this 100 plus year old marathon runner. I don’t hear them complaining like the little shit you are.

Secondly, the entire fucking point is not about living up to 90. The point is to lead a healthy life by making smart, sensible decisions. That way, you can hopefully prevent yourself from contracting a myriad of diseases.

Who the fuck wants to get cancer, a stroke or diabetes by 50? Who the fuck wants to be bedridden by 60 while you watch your kids, grand kids and whoever loves you watch you from high up? Who wants to die by 70?

Nobody. That’s for sure.

Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean you make stupid decisions.

You just do whatever you want, but being smart and sensible at the same time.

I wasn’t. That’s why I delayed going to the doctor. That was an extra few weeks of unnecessary suffering.

It’s totally not cool to be sick. You’re deluding yourself if you think you can do whatever you want and still be safe about it.

Shit. Don’t be sick. Be happy. Sign up below and share this post.

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  1. Yatin - March 11, 2015 11:16 am

    Hi Alden. Visiting your blog for the first time. After reading your about section and some posts, I can say that I really love the way you present your blogs.
    Hyperthyroidism!!! I always hate the complex medical terms. Before even knowing about the terms, the names create a mental trauma. But, I am happy that you came out of that shit and you have realized the importance of life in a wonderful manner.
    Ya, I completely agree that we must look at the depth of the life without concentrating on the length.


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