Think about your online hater for a second

Think about your online hater for a second.

Your hater. The one who pissed you off online. It could be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever.

He or she said something that really got to you. Your day is ruined. You keep thinking about it. You wonder what is up with that. In some occasions, you don’t even know what it means because it’s some passive aggressive bullshit. You know, things like, “Oh gee. Some people just don’t learn.” A glaring status standing out like a thorn on your feed.

But think about your hater for a second. Just think.

For every hater is a human behind the screen mashing away on the keyboard.

When the your is typing and dishing out hate online, he is angry. She is upset. He is frustrated. She is unhappy. They’re extremely unhappy people as something is missing in their lives.

When the your is typing, his face turns ugly. Her eyebrows are pulled down. His breathing turns fast. Her muscles tense. They have nothing but pure hate in their minds. Did I mention they look ugly as hell?

After that, your hater’d think he got away with it. She lets her rage simmer. But they know it’s useless. They’re just going to get upset over some small thing later on, for they’re insecure and have a void in their life.

So think about your online hater for a second.

That ugly, angry and insecure person who is taking it out the inanimate object called the keyboard.

Why the fuck do you care so much about that kind of human?

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