The only one cure for fear

And that is knowledge.

I was having a conversation with a good friend the other night and I was grilling him on and on about his life. You see, my friend too made the leap long ago to leave his unhappy job (that consisted of 100 hour work weeks) and decided to venture out on his own. He now does his own private trading at home alone. He has been doing it for awhile now and he has the luxury of time to travel and of course, being his own boss.

The topic of fear came up when I kept telling him I had a lot of doubt for my future. I mean… my blog’s like 5 months old and I have made a pitiful amount of money from it so far. I have major dreams for my blog and also of course, my main aim which is to be an established writer. Since this world likes to be a cruel place, it hasn’t been easy and I don’t think it will be any easier in the near future.

But I got to fight on and push through right?

With self-doubt, comes fear

True indeed. When you start having all these doubts, fear just sets in.

What is the answer to overcoming fear then?


I never felt such awesome clarity before over such an answer. The only way to overcome fear is knowledge. 

Sounds simple enough right? Yes it definitely SHOULD be simple. With simplicity comes clarity.

Why we all have so much fear

It doesn’t matter what fear or phobia you have. You may have a fear of clowns, fear of heights, fear of loud noises, fear of overcoming fear even, whatever! We all know the meaning of fear.

The reason why I think we all have so much fear in life is that not only do we not know the answer to overcoming fear, we also tend to mess up the answers, making it screw with our minds. 

How often do you hear that in order to fight your fears you got to rationalize it? And because of that we are all like, “Oh okay let me find all sorts of reasons to deal with this shit” and in doing so it fucks our mind up along the way. We try to repeat the reasons in our head. We try all sorts of positive thinking. Hell, some of us even try the law of attraction or some metaphysical/meditation thing. Ultimately, it gets so tiring we just fall back into our original, fearful state. Back to scared one.

-How often do you hear from someone, “Fight your fears”? That in order to overcome your fears you got to fight them head on. Face them right in the face.

Well here’s a little food for thought: Fear is nothing but a natural emotion to keep you alert. It is fear that gives you that common sense from jumping off the roof of a tall building or being an idiot and start punching the police randomly. When you try to fight this fear, your body and mind experience this conflict that press hard against each other and THAT is what makes you feel totally shitty and scared.

The only one cure for fear

And that is Knowledge, and particularly from the future.

I do not mean in the sense of asking yourself, “What’s the worse that can happen?” That is typical and cliche. It may work for you, but if you end up dwelling on that and NOT do a thing about anything, then, your fear is just there to stay, for real.

How do you get knowledge? Easy:

-Find out all the answers that are needed.

Search, Google, research and find out what what needs to be done.

Because you cannot see results yet, you have to believe in it.

Then stick through it, don’t give up and go with it.

-Get a mentor

Or find someone who has gone through the exact same shit you have right now. Done and done.

Easier said than done?

Fear is a big issue for sure and it exists in all of us. The main point of this post is the simple clarity I want to emphasize on fear.

When you have fear, just tell yourself you only need knowledge. Don’t go all insane in the membrane with all the crazy methods, ideology and whatever you plan to do with your fear.

Even the great ones in life; people who experience success have fears. You just don’t see it.

Take it easy, get some knowledge, sleep on it and wake up feeling better about yourself.

What’s your fear? Let me know in the comments.

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  2. kwiaciarnia wysyłkowa - March 29, 2013 1:22 pm

    Subscribed to your blog, many thanks

  3. Anonymous - September 14, 2013 3:59 pm

    Hi, maybe is impossible to overcome fear throught knowlodge! The fact is simple: fear only exist throught comparison! So, measure is the moviment of fear! To end fear, knowlodge must come to an end! You can not have fear of somenthing that you don’t know! Time is measure and time is knowlodge, becouse all knowlodge is learned throught time! Thus, when there is comparison, witch is measure, fear must exist!

  4. Anonymous - September 14, 2013 4:05 pm

    The future creates fear! If you create the future, thus, time, you create fear! The future only exist with the past! You can not project the future without the past! So, you are trying to modificate the past throught the future, right! When you do that, fear must exist!

  5. Anonymous - September 14, 2013 4:19 pm

    The pyscological root of fear is knowlodge! When you project the future, you do it throught your past knowlodge. So, the future creates duality, oposites, thus, conflict. The future is the oposit of the past, the ideal, the “should be”. This conflict creates fear! Try to feel this conflict in yourself, the effort to overcome! This creates sorrow too!


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