Real Talk 26: There is no perfect environment

I keep reading about the idea of how we need to surround ourselves with positive and inspiring people only.

Then usually, it’s extended by the idea of how you’re product of the five people you usually hang out with.

All this is good, but let’s get real here.

There is no perfect environment.

There isn’t.

If you feel like some of the friends you’re hanging out with are super annoying or even getting toxic and that you gotta make a change, go right ahead, but it’s not like your next group of friends will be perfect.

Nobody is perfect.

Your next environment is bound to have a couple of bad apples.

You’re bound to disagree.

You’re bound to get annoyed too, because everyone has their bad day.

Hence forth, it’s all on you.

Maybe… don’t be so hard up for the right attention? That’s still crying for attention.

So unless you’ve been hanging out with drug dealers, serial killers and just plain annoying losers, chill.

Not everyone is perfect, but not everyone is that bad either.

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