The world is yours and nothing can stop you

beautiful universe


Today’s post is short and sweet like you! And I just created a new Short N Sweet series on the fly!

I just wanted to drop an upper-lifter on you.

Because life is fucking good.

Let’s just forget about all the bad shit at the moment and realize how lucky you are to be ALIVE boy!

Sometimes I think annoying people who are too positive and loving life non-stop are well, super annoying.

But hey… if someone isn’t tell you that life is good, then who will? Who’s going to do that dirty job?

Good thing you got me!

How about this man: Just for today, don’t let anything hold you back. 

Fuck that annoying boss man.

Screw that guy who cut you off on the road.

Bad, gloomy, rainy weather?! What eff. Your smile is sunshine. 

Life is short. Really short. And you know what else? You only have ONE life.

Don’t waste that shit on negative nonsense.


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  1. Kevin Cole - October 14, 2013 2:04 pm

    Three things…

    1) That picture is hilarious (and beautiful). Job well done sir.

    2) Super positive people can be annoying but the alternative is a load of negativity and that’s no fun.

    3) This shit is ours for the taking.

    • alden - October 15, 2013 9:55 am

      Nice bro 🙂

      2 is spot on. I like to balance it haha. But I like to be an ass and make fun of things.


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