The ultimate guide to why meditation is the cure to your problems


I am one angry motherfucker

Probably not a great start to talk about meditation lol.

But hear me out.

Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll always say it again: I’m an angry dude. I’ve trouble letting go of things and negatives thoughts can overwhelm me quite a number of times.

At my angriest, I could get randomly pissed off in my own room when I’m just surfing the net or enjoying a video game.

Needless to say, it doesn’t feel good.

I know how it is to feel kind of hopeless, where all the negativity gets to you and you think there’s no way out.

Maybe I need therapy.

Maybe I need some pills.

Maybe I need to go on some long journey to see the world and discover myself.

Super daunting.

It was just all kinds of messed up considering my life is good. I got a home. Loving family. Food on the table. My own friends and culture.

Yet the anger was prominent.

I heard on a TED talk the other day that depression means being sad even though your life is going RIGHT.

That’s some crazy discovery.

Any of you felt like that?

And then I discovered meditation

The cliché and misunderstood nature of meditation

I know I know. Cliché as fuck!

All the successful people out there seem to advocate it as if it’s some magical solution to all your problems.

People SWEAR by meditation.

Speaking of magical, is meditation some hocus pocus, new age BS that ignores all practical advice and the sciences?

Nah. It’s not.

Open up now. Read on and I’ll help you figure this out.

Everything beyond this line is based on my awesome experience, written for you so that you can understand em easily, hopefully.

What meditation is not

It’s not some hocus pocus bullshit.

It’s not merely the act of sitting down, eyes closed and fingers pressed together.

It’s also not “The Secret”, where once applied, your problems disappear forever.

So, meditation is NOT manifestation. I argue against that idea. It could be though depending on how you look at it.

What meditation potentially is

Meditation is your space. It is your way in and your way out.

When applied, it’s a new place for you to be at as you leave everything behind (jobs, bills, toxic relationships, unhappiness).

I wrote “potentially” as meditation can come in various forms and its results is different for everybody.

I know of someone who told me he never gets pissed off any more. Awesome eh? I thought that was BS until I tried it out.

It’s that awesome.

For me? Meditation is a space for me to really allow myself to see myself on a whole other level, to help realize the kind of life I’m allowed to lead.

Maybe that sounds cheesy as hell to you, but… take note of this: Meditation, as you get more into it, can be all kinds of cheese to you. It’s absolutely your choice, right here, right now to open up and discover a new set of possibilities for your life, especially if you’re sick of all the shit you’re going through.

That being said, I’d really encourage you to open up and just try something new for once in your life.

There’s no such thing as not being allowed to try something new just because you think so.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, so let’s just start with a little guide.

How to start meditating: The shortest and easiest guide in the world

Here’s my shortest guide ever, based on my own experience of mindful meditation.

1) Sit down comfortably.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Breathe. Take not of breathing.

4) Think of nothing. When a thought arises, let it pass. Let it pass as if you’re watching a movie and allow the scenes to just slip by, but you continue your “movie” by watching your inner-self, which you do by thinking of nothing.

P.S. It’s not a big deal if a thought arises. It’s normal.


No mumbo jumbo. No new age tripe. No nothing.

It’s that simple, yet a major game changer in your life when applied.

Going back to the misunderstanding of meditation, this isn’t about handling some new and complicating your life any further.

I can’t really explain it further without going too deep, so check it below.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation helps create a space for yourself in this stressful life. It’s about having a meaningful break where you grow and evolve.

Think about it, how long has it been since you actually got time to be alone, to be yourself, in your own way? Are you instead, constantly using social media during your free time, thinking that that’s entertainment when it’s actually not? That being said, what are you doing now that actually helps you to grow?

Meditation gives your life clarity as you allow sick, new insights in you.

Research on any form of meditation and most of it will tell you to empty your mind or even “be one” with nature or whatever. It’s about clearing your thoughts. It’s thinking nothing.

Thinking nothing may sound lame and cheesy, but it’s awesome. Why?

It isn’t about rationalizing, analysing and looking deep into your own thoughts. That’s too easy. And they don’t really help since you knew it all along (think about it. Get it?).

It’s about allowing new insights to enter your life. And YES, this awesome shit happens a lot when you quiet your mind. It’s how you literally blow your mind.

Meditation gives better peace as it reduces sadness and anger

Quiet your mind first. Effectively, negative thoughts can’t find their way in. You WILL feel less sad, angry or stressed out.

Do you think rationalizing, analyzing, reasoning and whatever can help?

And no, quieting your mind doesn’t mean ignoring, or escaping the root problems at hand. Remember, new insights can come in and you will grow like that.

Also, if you practice quieting your mind outside when you move about, you’re going to be more peaceful and not let external shit get to you. Crowds? Annoying people? Bad weather? Can’t get over your ex? Forget about it.

Meditation is free, thus inspiration is free

You can meditate any time, anywhere you want.

You can do it while you’re outside (specifically, movement meditation).

Let those new insights in your life and start feeling inspired!

Meditation paves the way for new things in your life

A silenced mind and new insights coming in.

What do you think happens next?

You try out new shit, non-stop.

Personally, to drown out distractions and unnecessary noise in my life, I’ve been cutting down on social media. I even experimented in not logging into Facebook for several days. It was great. I never would have tried this out if it weren’t for meditation.

And with action being taken, you’re just going to grow for sure! You never know what awesome new things are going to pop up in your life man.

The sciences, backing this shit up

I’m not really a research guy, but both my sake and your sake, I’m doing this for you.

“Studies have shown that, among other benefits, meditation can help reverse heart disease, the number-one killer in the U.S. It can reduce pain and enhance the body’s immune system, enabling it to better fight disease.”

“More new research offers additional encouragement. In a study published last year in the journal Stroke, 60 African-Americans with atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, practiced meditation for six to nine months. The meditators showed a marked decrease in the thickness of their artery walls, while the nonmeditators actually showed an increase. The change for the meditation group could potentially bring about an 11 percent decrease in the risk of heart attack and an 8 percent to 15 percent decrease in the risk of stroke.”

“Other recent research has looked at precisely what happens during meditation that allows it to cause these positive physical changes. Researchers at the Maharishi School of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, found that meditation has a pervasive effect on stress. They looked at a group of people who had meditated for four months and found that they produced less of the stress hormone cortisol. They were therefore better able to adapt to stress in their lives, no matter what their circumstances were.”

Psychology Today

What happens in your brain during meditation




This picture explains it all in a nutshell. I don’t want to go deeper. Science isn’t my forte.

But read it! Look at how they said NEW INSIGHTS! Never underestimate what new insights can do for you in your life man!

How I’ve grown through meditation

I’ve honestly been a lot less angry and stressed out as compared to last time.

Quieting my mind has allowed me to not be so pissed off when I’m outside now. I used to let every little thing get to me, like people’s ugly faces, cars and crowds. I just let it go now.

Also, as a Bboy, I had a lot of trouble dancing in front of others and trying to feel the music. People taught me to stop thinking and feel the music, but I couldn’t get into it, cause I kept thinking too much. Even thinking about not thinking too much was thinking you know? So… I quiet my mind now. And it works.

Most importantly, I’ve come to realize that my thoughts are not me. 

No matter how angry, how sad or depressing my thoughts are, they are not me. Whatever crazy scenarios I create in my head (Like beating people up), they are not true, and do not mean I will ever do them just because I think of them.

This idea allows myself to project my thoughts outside, like literally outside of my body and my head. It feels good you know? Like, I know I’ve total capability of being happy, any time I want. I know I can do it myself and that the possibility of a happy life is very fucking real.

And that’s amazedballs awesome.

How you can start

Whoa hang on Alden, this sounds like a crap load to understand. Can I really do it?

I find that I’m always confused, tired, stressed out and worried all the time to really clear my mind. Can I really meditate to gain new insights?

You absolutely can and I’m going to make it easy for you.

I know it can be a lot to swallow for now, so that’s why I want to introduce you the awesomeness of Biaural Beats!

Can you imagine simply listening to a particular kind of sound and then you gain all the benefits of meditation?

That’s it really. Sit. Listen. Boom. Benefits raining all over your face!

Basically, they’re sounds (usually accompanied by soothing, atmospheric) music that tunes your brain into another frequency (see the pic above) and then you get it all!

So all you do is sit, relax, put on your headphones (Headphones are required to actually reach the frequency of biaural beats). And then you let the system do everything for you!

I’ve rocking biaural beats, more so lately with the Brain Evolution System. And trust me, it works.

BrainEv - Mockup Box LeftThere’s no magic pill or magic potion where once taken, your life instantly gets better.

But there’s a shortcut to meditating and then reaping all the benefits, the Brain Evolution System is as good as it gets.

I strongly recommend Brain Evo as it’s a comprehensive path for you to start meditating and start learning.

The tracks inside are all great and I just know they can help you.

Besides, you can get your free trial inside.

It was reported that the Dalai Lama himself, who meditates way more than the average person said that if there was a piece of technology which brings out all the benefits of meditation, he’d try it. 

Bam! What else?! Brain Evo yo.



Why you should start meditating

Okay guys, I’m said a bunch!

I don’t want to go into benefits, brain, beliefs and what other Bs, before it all turns into bullshit.

The main reason why I think you should start meditating is that it is the absolute break you need in your world.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, everybody needs their own space. Everybody has that little introvert in them and we all need that break from time to time.

And when you take a break, you need to make it bloody meaningful. You need to NOT think. And when you do think, you got to have focus in your own world and see how you can evolve from there naturally.

Taking a break to indulge in social media is meaningless. Having a space for yourself, only to worry about the future, is also equally meaningless. And the danger is that we think this is normal.

It’s not normal. Don’t be average. Let’s step it up and start going deeper for yourself.

It isn’t magic. It isn’t rocket science either. Life is pretty hectic, but it’s pretty simple too.

Let’s just seek some joy in your life. It’s a pretty noisy world, that’s why you ought to meditate.

I guarantee you’ll learn something about yourself.

The traditional path

Okay I got one more thing for you.

I’ve been reviewing a copy of The Silva Life System. It’s super detailed and in-depth.


It has like a on of videos and lessons involve. It practically holds you by the hand to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

I’m still going through the program. I’m liking the amount of detail so far.

The Silva Life System is a no-bullshit program as it doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Check it out! 







Time to start doing yourself this favour

Maybe meditation isn’t mainstream or accepted by most people.

But well, the cynics are the one who are constantly complaining and not doing a thing about their lives.

You’re different. That’s why you’re here.

When you’re just bitching, ranting, whining and complaining, nobody is listen. And you’re wasting all that negative energy on something else.

Change focus. Turn that energy towards yourself.

There’ll be change and your life will be better that way.

If you need me for anything, I’m here


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  1. Frank T - October 19, 2013 3:32 pm

    I swear, Alden, between this and your last few posts it’s as if you’re talking straight at me. Keep it up, man!

  2. Ryan Biddulph - October 19, 2013 4:11 pm

    Alden, agreed on being angry and on meditation. Sitting to observe has helped me deal with some serious anger issues. Awesome post man, thanks!


  3. SJ Scott - October 20, 2013 1:50 pm


    I have always heard good things about mediation. It is one of those things I have always wanted to try. I know it is not hocus pocus BS. It just has too many people I respect who say good things about it.

    Great info here and yet another reason to get up off my ass (or sit on my ass) and give it a shot.


  4. Saad - October 20, 2013 3:18 pm

    Alden Boss!! You are the Masters of Masters, the Trainers of Trainers. Many thanks for writing this post and to awaken an spirit inside us. And extremely sorry I always forget to comment your posts.


  5. Kevin Cole - October 22, 2013 5:14 pm

    Okay…I keep hearing wayyy too much about meditation to NOT try it.

    For a long time, I thought it was hippy dippy bullshit. But there’s far too much scientific evidence out there in favor of meditation.

    Each month I focus on one thing. This month it was all about honesty and vulnerability. I didn’t have anything planned for next month – but I think it’s clear what I need to do.

    One month of meditation. I’ll see how it plays out and what comes of it. Thanks for the final kick in the ass bro.


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