Real Talk 18: The things we do when we’re alone

Yesterday, while taking a nap, I had a dream about my dad.

Of all times, it was the time when he was sick and literally dying from the effects of ALS. In it, I talked to him when he was in bed. He struggled to speak as he told me to get my brother up to the room.

That was it. It was a short dream.

But I remember vividly the feelings I had even while I was asleep.

It was intense kind of fear and sadness combined. I woke up feeling scared. Then I felt pissed with life.

It was weird, to say the least.

It’s crazy how clear a dream can be. It’s like a movie you just watched.

But anyway, this article isn’t about dreams.

It’s about the things we do when we’re alone.

As open and personal as I can be, I don’t share everything with the whole damn world or even my close friends.

From time to time, I go through shit like this and experience a sort of low in my life. It’s times like these where I get into a lousy mood and not want to do anything, much less talk to anybody.

Nobody knows this, but from time to time, I’d type “ALS” on YouTube and watch videos of families living with it.

I’d also Google “ALS cure” every now and then just to see if there’re any updates.

It’s just things I do in private.

I don’t think anyone would ever be able to guess I do things like that. That’s okay though. It’s nobody’s business.

I believe everybody has their own secret, private thing.

People lead secret lives. We all carry something with us everywhere we go. The loudest people usually have the biggest secret. They are full of surprises.

As I wrote here, this is when you should actually take pride of your baggage and push it towards a positive direction.

There’s just nothing to be ashamed of.

Everybody has their own shit.

It’s okay.

If you ask me, it’s what makes you human. 

It’s great that you actually have these idiosyncrasies. Keep at it! The weird ones are the ones who don’t dare to be weird in the first place.

Yet, don’t judge people. Because we secret lives. We’ve private, weird shit. It’s all in us. I highly doubt you’d be so mad at somebody when you find out what it is they’re going through.

Just chill.

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    I am I big fun of your blog, your honesty and motivation

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    You experience is so motivational
    Please send reader to me am upcoming


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