The self-help space is the most ironic space

Self-help entrepreneur claims to love helping people and wants to change the world.

He makes a ton of money. He does some controversially unethical things in his business, but brushes it aside because the money he makes makes it seem alright. And these are considered the good ones. There are cheats and scammers.

Self-help guy comes to me, talks to me and wants to connect in a very friendly manner.

Once he realizes I can’t do business with him i.e. make use of me, he disappears completely.

Self-help friend, a person I indeed count as a friend is on my friends list.

Our conversations are extremely short-lived all the time because he’d be on away-mode very quickly so he can do his work. He’d apologize later for being too busy, which is the rest of his life.

Self-help newcomer feels he has a story to tell the world and help others.

But the story is usually the same. I am sorry, but you don’t stand out with merely a good heart.

Self-help practitioners are always positive about everything.

All they do is “crush it”, “follow their heart”, ensure that they quit the “9 to 5”, “be their own boss”, “travel the world” and “meditate.” These are okay, but it is not okay when you think you’re better than the average person in life. Yes ,you’re effectively telling us that you think you’re better when you humblebrag. Don’t think that we don’t see through you. There’re many people who don’t, or can’t do what you do, but they’re great people too despite the gross labels you’ve put on them.

Self-help speakers and writers claim to have a particular passion which they love with all their heart.

The passion is mostly a facade. It has nothing to do with their business or with you. Most usually end up making money from teaching you how to make money only. Once they take your money, they’re off to enjoy their passion.

Self-help is ironic. It always will be.

The best answer is you. I hope you know that.

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  1. Able Kinetic - April 25, 2017 5:10 am

    I agree the self-help space is amusing. I think it’s best to think of it as the multi-million dollar business it is. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some create real tangible value with specific tools for improvement. At the same time, others offer mystical advice that fills your head with fluffy dreams but is so vague that it actually leads nowhere. All in all, it depends on us to filter and prioritize what’s out there. That’s empowering because we get out of it what we put into it. The more I get familiar with the self-help space, the more I avoid those who promote an “but not everyone can do that” mindset: It’s just negative energy that I don’t need. Thanks for the article.


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