Real Talk 5: The secret to life in 3 fucking easy points

the secret to life in 3 fucking easy points

There is no secret to life. If there is, this is it. Explained to you clearly in 3 fucking points. It’s so easy to understand that any moron can take it in.

So fuck “The Secret” or any other mumbo jumbo you know of. Just shut them out for a second. Let’s go back to simplicity.

1) Do what you love so you can be happy

Being happy. That’s it. That’s the end goal.

No, this is not selfish hedonism. I prefer to think of it as a practical and logical way of wanting to live your own life.

If you aren’t happy, then you’re feeling shitty. Hence, what is the point? Why do you continue to do what you do that makes you unhappy?

We’re all going to die anyway. Death is the only guarantee in life. If you can’t look back in your life when you’re on deathbed and see that you led a happy one, you played life wrong then.

But of course, reality can’t be filtered. You can’t be happy 100% of the time. If you do, you probably have a mental problem. We’re only human and we fall sometimes. Things will also not go as planned and things will fuck up, everyday.

But we try anyway. That’s why we continue to try to be happy, which we do by doing what we love.

Otherwise, you’re in the cycle of unhappiness that goes full circle, which begs to be asked again, what is the point? If you refuse happiness and choose to stay in the cycle, what are you really living for then? How can you grow when you’re that pissed off and upset all the time? How can you do what you love when you’re always unhappy?

You may try to counter at this point saying, “I sacrifice my own happiness to take care of those I love.” And therefore, it’s okay to be not happy then.

I get it. But no, I disagree. I’m talking superbly unhappy your entire life. That means to say you aren’t even happy helping others. At this point, it is entirely up to you to be honest with yourself or not. Don’t ever take up martyrdom just because you think it’s the “right” thing to do. Being right doesn’t equate to happiness. Heck, sometimes, doing the right thing of helping others just because isn’t exactly the right thing to do at all. For example, I won’t personally help a friend, especially if it’s a guy who’s a whiny piece of shit. I’d let them fall and make their own mistakes so they can man up and grow some balls.

Happiness is a feeling. Your feelings. Decide for yourself.

Sounds confusing? Then shut the fuck up. Go back to the simplicity of doing what you love so you can be happy.

2) Don’t be an asshole

Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be an asshole. So simple.

Don’t hurt others. Don’t intentionally bring down others. Don’t be selfish.

Your emotions are not an excuse. You shouldn’t hurt other people just because of your own problems.

Every attack is a cry for help. So if you see a need to take it out on others, you’re doing it wrong. Your insecurities will never be gone that way. In fact, it will only create more problems and unhappiness in yourself as you start to feel guilty and shit. Don’t deny it. It works that way. No sane person is that nasty that they truly, deeply enjoy hurting others.

That is why you shouldn’t ever be an asshole. You not only hurt others, but also yourself when you act like one.

3) Help others

Be nice. Be kind. Help the less fortunate.

Like not being an asshole, this is to keep your conscience clear. This is your answer to tough decisions in life. Make the choice where you’re helping someone else or at the very least, not dragging others down. It’s that simple.

Also, helping others is the way to solving your own problems.

Sometimes, the only way to become better and heal yourself is to help others, because the complexities of your own emotions can’t really be dealt with head-on through seemingly sensible methods like meditation, therapy or whatever.

Sounds complicated? Fuck that then. Just help others. You’ll never go wrong that way. Only good will come out of it.

The grand subtlety of it all:

Is that the subtlety is always go back to the simplicity of it all.

Some of us have it harder in life, so we need a bigger crutch to lean on. That is why we turn to religion, a mantra, a form of belief or whatever.

That is okay, but it’s essential to always go back to the roots; the simplicity.

I mean, if you’re too busy wondering whether you’re going to be struck by lightning because you masturbate too much when you can be using that time to help others, then you’re going at it wrong.

If you’re using your own beliefs to hurt others just because you think you’re right, then you’re going at it wrong.

If you feel you have to be fervent in your beliefs and your lifestyle, all the while being in denial that you’re actually unhappy, then you’re going at it wrong.

If you feel confused and don’t know where to start, despite having help at your disposal, then maybe it’s time to rethink your life.

It doesn’t have to be that hard.

There is no real secret to life. Get it?


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